Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fun, fun, fun!!! =)~~

As you all know my birthday was Tuesday, and I wasn't too thrilled about it. However, it turned out to be a really nice day. Brian took the kids and I to dinner at Carrabba's. The food was excellent and Tyler ate like I've NEVER seen him eat before. He usually only nibbles at things, never really actually consuming very much, but for some reason, he must have been ravenous. He ate all of his meal, and then actually asked for some of mine. He gobbled about a quarter of mine and then finished it off with the sundae that I had gotten (after the whole waitstaff sang me "Happy Birthday"...dammit Brian!) Afterward, he proclaimed that he now LOVED Carrabba's! LOL

After leaving there, we were all stuffed to the gills, but the kids really needed haircuts, so off to the hair salon we went! Tyler was very excited to get his hair cut really short! "Ummm...will you get rid of all of these please?" (pointing to his bangs) LOL Now, Corey is a completely different story! He is in this phase where he wants to "let his hair grow". Ugh. His hair is the type of hair (like mine), that requires brushing ALOT! It is sort of in-between thin and thick and just really looks better, a little on the short side. I figure he is almost 12 and can make some I let him have his way. It is just hair. The stylist was very good and actually spent some time with him, even though she had many people waiting, which I really appreciated! She did talk him into thinning out some of the bulk and cutting layers into it, which I was very happy about. Needless to say, we all left the hair salon very happy. (And perhaps the kids felt a little lighter without all that hair on their little heads!) LOL Nothing much after that, just went home and watched a movie and then went to bed. It certainly was a nice relaxing day though. I could handle every birthday being just like this one!

Oh, I forgot to mention that on Tuesday, we also found out that our office is moving to another location. We've known that this could be an issue for a while now...our lease is up the end of September. I have mixed feelings about this move. The clinic we are actually moving to, is one that I worked at for about 8 years and left because I was pretty unhappy there. They have reassured us that we are basically taking the clinic we work in now, and just moving it there, but I still just don't know. Where we are now, we don't have administration lurking around, we have a very relaxed environment here, we can pretty much come and go as we please during the day. Say if we have a doctor's appointment, or need to run and pick something up, we can basically just pick up and go, whenever we want to. Another staff member will just cover while we are gone. Our hours aren't set in stone, we stay late sometimes, and leave early sometimes. It just depends on the day. I'm sure that there will be definite benefits, and the change might be good, but I will definitely miss being out here. =( Change is good, right?

Yesterday, was work as usual and then off to the lake after. Brian called about 4 and said it was just hot and nasty out, "why don't we just head to the lake?!" I thought it sounded good to me, it was pretty miserable out. After work we met at the house, changed into our suits, picked up my boys and headed out to Portage Lake. This is only the second time that the kids have been on the waverunners. They were very excited!! When we first pulled up to the launch, there were about 10 bass boats there...shit! There was a bass tournament going on! We were thinking it would make the small lake, very busy. It wasn't bad at all though. The bass boats aren't moving a whole heck of alot, and basically stay by the shore, so the lake stayed pretty calm. Brian and I each took turns taking the boys on the back of our machines, they had a great time! I don't know how many of you have experience in riding waverunners (jet skis), but one of the best parts, is actually getting thrown off the machine. The boys were both begging to do this! LOL I took Corey out and actually turned just right and sent us reeling backwards into the water! He got his wish! We were cracking up! Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, I COULD NOT get the machine to tip with Tyler on the back. I tried clipping along pretty fast, then cutting the steering wheel really hard, nope, notta, nothing!!! I tried doing complete 360's, the back end would go under for a second, and then pop right back up! This went on for a good half hour, and finally I just said forget it. It was getting too late, we had to get off the water. I wish that I could have made it happen for him, but oh well, he still had a blast! Besides, we are going all next week. Will have to try again...maybe we'll have better luck!! We got home around 10:30 and just basically went right to bed. I don't know what it is about being on the water, but it really makes me hungry and tired. I guess it's probably being in the sun! Dunno!

So, that's what I've been doing the past couple days. It's been fun! I'm a happy camper! I hope your days have been just as nice. (I'm about to find out right now). Here I come bloggers! LOL

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My Birthday!

Yes, today is my birthday. Not a real big deal to me anymore...just another day. Nothing too exciting planned for tonight. The kids will be with their dad, and I think Brian is just planning on taking me to dinner. No hoopla at my age.

I was thinking about it yesterday...I remember the days when I would do a countdown until my birthday...just like you did for Christmas. When I had visions of all the wonderful things that would happen when I reached all those landmark birthdays. Couldn't wait until I was 10 (2 digits...LOL), 13 (teenager), 18 (freedom), 21 (could get into bars...and would truly be considered an adult), etc. etc. Somehow, when you hit 30, it's not something you really wanna announce to the world anymore. I guess there are some that still might, but I think it's rare! LOL Oh well...

I have tons to do in preparation for the upcoming "camping trip". I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. However, at the moment, it's certainly stressing me out. LOL

Well, off to catch up on my daily reads!!! Have a great day everyone!!!~

Last one, I promise! The bed was velvet lined! LOL Posted by Hello

Another nice one! Posted by Hello

Loved this car, everything looked so autentic. Wish I could have gotten a good close up of the interior! (There wasn't much of it!)  Posted by Hello

A few cars from the Dream Cruise. Posted by Hello

This would be the graduate! (The one in the yellow!)  Posted by Hello

I've posted quite a bit about my aunt. I just love her to pieces! That is her in the center, with her daughter and son-in-law.  Posted by Hello

This is how the "oldest" of the five of us kids, decided to show up to the graduation party on Saturday!! LOL She's always gotta be the life of the party!! (And yes, she had lots of Vodka and Kahlua in the side pouches of that motorcycle, if you were wondering!) Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

Busy days.

The past weekend was very busy and left me with no time to post.

Friday actually started out to be the day from hell. Brian and I weren't getting along very well, the kids were calling from home and had been fighting (one had a bloody nose as a result), upon walking back into work after dealing with that fiasco, we had toilet water flooding our back hallway, a doctor's office and an exam room. Ugh, ugh, ugh. After work, it started to get better though. I went home and picked up the kids. It was their dad's weekend and taking them there, went off without a hitch. After that, I met Peanutt at my house and we went for some marathon shopping and dinner. Her and I really need to do that more often...was so much fun. And dinner was AWESOME, (especially after being on our feet for so long). Shopping really takes a lot out of you. LOL

Saturday, Brian and I got up early and just loafed for a while. He had to run to his sister's and help her out. Her and her kids and hubby are moving. While doing that, he got called in to work for a while. I had my niece's graduation party to get to, and got ready for that and headed out with my sister, sister-in-law, and all their kids to the party. (Yes, there were 7 of us packed into my sister's Grand Marquis...looked similar to a clown car.) The graduation party turned out really nice, but it was just way too hot out. I didn't stay but for a couple hours, I just couldn't take the heat.

After that, we headed to the Dream Cruise, which is basically a local road that serves as a cruise for people to show off their beefed up or older cars. (I took lots of pics and will post those later.) Their was nothing "amazing" there, but it was fun to see anyhow. And no, we weren't like lots of those other people who were camped out there for the day. We found a good corner parking lot and sat inside the truck...air full blast the whole time. LOL I know we're wusses, but hey, it was roasting out! We had already lost enough electrolytes at the garduation party.

After the Dream Cruise, we decided to get a bite to eat. We decided on a new place, called Malarkey's. It's an irish pub type restuarant. It was filled to the brim with people our age (you know, in their 20's)! LOL Not! Anyhow, it was a nice place, the wait staff and bartenders were all younger, and very nice. The food was pretty good. I opted for the chicken caesar salad, he had the fish. We were very happy upon leaving. After getting home, we pretty much went right to sleep.

Yesterday, we got up around 8 and decided that even though we had another graduation party in the afternoon, we were gonna get some stuff accomplished around the house. I took the camper apart, cleaning every nook and cranny, vacuuming, scrubbing floors, spraying everything down with Febreeze. Brian decided that he wanted to make an attempt at "cleaning the garage". LOL MY garage mind you, has sort of become Bri's storage area. Not only does he have 2 waverunners on a trailer, but he also has 3 bikes, a wagon, 2 weedwhackers, battery charger, ropes, cables, tools, etc. Now I also have my own stuff; 3 bikes, pool stuff, potting soils, lawn mower, gardening tools, etc. This makes for a very clusterfu**ed garage, as you can imagine. So, as I said, he starts pulling all of this stuff out of the garage. My driveway is about full, it feels like a billion degrees out, we have sweat pouring off of us...this is when my brother decides to come over and 'check out the camper'. Ugh! While I'm totally grateful that he he come over to help us out with things we have questions about, it totally got us off track on what we started out doing. So, he leaves after about an hour and a half...we are totally runnin glate for the graduation party, it's getting hotter out by the minute, and we have this huge task ahead. We did dive in there and finish up what we could, we got 4 of 6 shelves completely cleared out, threw away enough to fill the back of the bed of Bri's truck, and used the blower to clear all the dust and stuff outta there. After doing that we decided we were heading to the lake for a while. I still feel bad about not going to the graduation party, but I was just too miserable and to think about sitting outside and not being in or near water, well I just couldn't even consider it!

Off to the lake we went! It was hazy and seemed to cool off a little bit by the time we got there, which made it even better. One of the waverunners was acting up, so we pretty much had to park that one and take turns on the newer one. I'm not crazy about the new one. Bri loves it, (it's turbo, he's a guy, need I say more?), but I could care less. I like the old 97 just as well. In between going out for runs, I spent my time laying on the beach and just people watching, or shutting my eyes and drifting off a bit. It was very busy there, tons of people, so I couldn't really really sleep, but it was nice kind of nice to tune out and just chill. After a few hours, we started hearing some rumbling of thunder and decided it was time to get out of there. Just as we had loaded up the waverunners and got in the truck and to the entrance of the park, it poured. I'm talking can't see 2 inches in front of you, pouring! LOL It only lasted about 5 minutes and then cleared. The sun was even shining during this whole downpour. (Never spotted the rainbow though, pout). We stopped for some dinner and then headed home.

By the time we got home and unpacked the truck and got inside to relax it was 10 p.m. and the kids were coming in. Just as they got in, we were just laying down and out goes the lights. That's always fun! Since we had no power, it's after 10, we all may as well just go to bed. So, Brian left and the kids and I just went to bed. The power came back on some time this morning. Thank goodness.

That about wraps it up. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

This is how the first pic should actually look! Oops! LOL Posted by Hello

I woke up too late to see the actual sun, before it actually hid behind the trees. But still thought this was worth posting!  Posted by Hello

Dozed off tonight, only to wake to pink curtains...looked outside...this is what I saw. Posted by Hello

Daycare or no daycare?

Yes, I'm attempting to eliminate my exorbitant daycare expenses and leave my children home to fend for themselves. Corey is at the age where he can't go to daycare any longer, (will be 12 in a few weeks), and Tyler is almost 10. I'm finding that this is causing me great distress and anxiety. The days at work drag by much slower than they used to, that's for sure. When my cell phone rings, at a time that we didn't previously set up for "check-in", I find myself tensing up immediately.

For example, yesterday I get a call around 3:45 from Corey. He was on the verge of tears, and said that Tyler had bitten him. I asked to speak to Tyler, who (in-between choking and gasping for air) sputters out, that he only bit Corey (in self-defense), AFTER he had pinned him down and had him in a headlock. Ugh! I told them to separate until I got home about an hour later. During the last hour here, the time ticked away at a snail's pace, because I was filled with worry about the happenings at my house. I had many visions of black eyes and stitches awaiting me, upon my return home. They were fine when I got there...the storm had since passed! But wow, was I mad! I told them that they would be spending the rest of the evening in their bedrooms, and that their rooms had better be sparkling to boot.

So far, today has been better. They are dressed, have both brushed their teeth, had breakfast and lunch, and I've had no out of the blue calls. (Yet!) LOL

Not sure how long this no day care thing is going to work out! Any suggestions? Anyone else with similar situations?

Monday, June 20, 2005

They grow 'em big in Tennessee!

After work today, we went and picked up our pop-up camper and brought it back to the house. The neighbors had to come and see what was up, of course. So here we are, trying to figure out where all these poles go, and how the door slides in the track, etc. etc. We are such novices when it comes to this stuff. (I'm talkin' completely clueless here). LOL My neighbor Tocha, happens to look down at the back of the camper and starts just freaking out...she's screamin'..."oh my god, look at that!" "Get it, get it, get it!!!" I go over, and to my amazement there is this huge black furry spider. It was actually about the size of a nickel, but it had a segregated body, was very very furry, had what looked to be little fangs in front, a brown spot on it's back, and green eyes??? (Not sure about the eye part, but that's what it looked like). We doused it with starting fluid, and do you know, that thing wasn't even affected by it for a few minutes. It was walking around like nothing had even happened. (By the way, I have the biggest chills right now, just thinking about this thing). It finally started to shrivel up a bit, and then just died. I still have it outside, had to show the kids. Might have to take a pic, if I can find him in the morning. Anyhow, we also came to find out that this spider was about to have herself a couple hundred babies too. The spot she came from was loaded with an egg sac. When we first saw this thing, you couldn't see the eggs too clearly, but after spraying them, they all turned orange. Okay, say it with me now...ewwwwwww!!!

After getting over having the willies from this thing, I go into the camper. There isn't too much that really needs to be done in there. I'm going to wash the curtains, the floors, tables, and counters, not a big deal really. Nothing is too bad, at all. I thought I had pretty much given everything the once over, however there was a cupboard I forgot. Another very large spider was housed in this cupboard as well. Although this one was very different from the other, it was still scary in that it also had a segregated body and was the size of a half dollar. Ick. (Here are the chills again!) Needless to say, I haven't been back in the camper since, and don't really wanna go back until I'm content that it's completely bug free.

For those of you that don't know, this camper was from my dad, a month or so before he passed. He insisted that we bring it back here, when we came back from visiting him in March. And I've come to the conclusion, those were definitely not Michigan spiders...they came straight from Tennessee! =) They grow 'em big in Tennessee!

Night all.

Weekend fun.

The weekend was certainly busy, but there was fun involved too. Friday night, we went and saw Madagascar. I think we laughed louder than the kids, on several occasions. It was pretty funny. I'm gonna be investing in that one, when it comes out. We also rented Lemoney Snicket's...two thumbs down on that one! The kids weren't even very interested in this one. (I know I dozed a few times!)

Saturday was pretty much spent at Brian's nieces' graduation party. It turned out really nice. The weather wasn't great. Kind of gloomy and overcast, but it wasn't hot out, and that was nice. The best part of the party was definitely when one of the Senator's of Michigan got Brian back for one of his typical pranks! Brian thought it would be funny to spray him with water, through an open screen door. He took it in stride, and wagged his finger at him...but little did Bri know, he was out for revenge. A few minutes later, he comes down the stairs, looking as innocent as a newborn baby! LOL Brian's dad also walked down about the same time. They both held him down and got frosting, via the graduation cake, from one end of him to the other. It was great. Bri is one to ALWAYS pull pranks and make was due time that he got back for once!!! I loved it.

Yesterday I really got a ton of stuff accomplished. I worked for hours in my front garden, moving and transplanting almost everything. It now looks healthier and not so out of control. I also really truly caught up on laundry (and finally put away all my winter stuff). Definitely a good thing.

It was my first father's day without my dad, and that had me close to tears for the duration of the day. Keeping myself very occupied I found, was the best cure for it, though I did have a few meltdowns. Today would have been his 71st birthday, to boot. So, I guess I need not say, what has been on my mind the past few days. Next father's day, won't be quite as hard, I'm sure.

Today, I finally went and got Peanutt her birthday present. A little late I know. Tsk tsk...what a bad best-friend I am. Just hadn't had the chance to go until now. I got one of those silver add-a-charm bracelets that is all the rage right now. (At least here they are!) I even found her a charm with a cell phone on it, to signify our love of gabbing, and also a martini glass...I'm sure it's not hard to figure that one out! LOL We've had many good times both on the phone and tipping back a few! Anyhow, I hope she likes it (I know she does), and will work on finding an engraver to complete it for her!

That's all folks! See ya kiddies! =)


Thursday, June 16, 2005

And he graduates!

Yesterday morning I attended the graduation of my 11 year-old from 6th grade. And yes, I made it through without bawling, but barely. Hard to believe that he will be going into middle school already. I remember so well, his first day of kindergarten. Waahhh!

I am so proud of him, what a great kid he is. He also received a President's Award, for scoring in the top 15% in the US, on his Meap tests. The principal took us aside afterwards, and told Corey that he was such a bright kid, he wished he could have given him a higher award...but that it doesn't get higher than the President's Award! LOL I thought that was really great of him to say! He's a really good guy! I hope his next prinicpal will be half the man (or woman) that this one is! Couldn't ask for any better.

Corey is so excited about going to middle school next year. (I'm sure that there is some fear in there too, but he doesn't want to let mom know that). Being at the graduation yesterday, brought back all the emotions I felt when I was that age. I loved my experiences at elementary and middle school. It was all about hanging out with friends and there were always fun things going on during class time. They made school an adventure, and learning fun. Maybe not everyone felt that way, but I sure did. I can only hope and pray that his experiences are as great as mine were. What a fun time! I'd like to make him a time capsule of sorts...for his memories at elementary school. I have a HUGE box FULL of things he has done since starting school...would like to break it down to a much smaller version and give it to him. Maybe for his B-Day next month! Yeah, I think that will be my goal. Something he can have and keep forever! (Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!)

Anyhow, I'm glad that graduation is over and that I won't have another for 2 years! Mommy couldn't take another one any time soon! LOL

Wwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! =(

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Have you ever?

Snuck out of the house........ Oh yes, more times than I could probably count.

Gotten lost in your city.........No, I can’t ever recall that, lived here almost all my life.

Seen a shooting star.......... Many times, first one I remember was on back patio with Peanutt!

Been to any other countries besides Canada.... Never.

Had a serious surgery........ Kidney surgery at 1 year.

Gone out in public in your pajamas....... Besides the mailbox? No.

Kissed a stranger...........No, can’t say that I have.

Hugged a stranger......... I’ve been hugged by a stranger.

Been in a fist fight........ Yes, Jeni Price in high school. Or was it Jenny Martin?

Been arrested.......... No

Laughed and had milk/coke come out of your nose...... Water, a few months ago. Brian pushed my head into a cup of it, and I came up spewing!

Pushed all the buttons on an elevator........No, because I know what it's like to be the person getting on afterwards.
Swore at your parents.........Yes, but not proud of it. Was our biggest fight ever and would love to go back and erase it.

Been in love.......Sure.

Been close to love.......You are or aren’t!

Been to a casino......... Yes, about 5-6 of them total in Michigan and Canada.
Been skydiving.......... No, afraid of heights.

Skinny dipped...........Yes

Skipped school...........Yes, mostly my freshman year.

Seen a therapist........ Only a marriage counselor. (Effective, wasn’t it? LOL)

Done the splits........... Yes, when I was a cheerleader. Would break my pelvis if I tried that one again.

Played spin the bottle...........No.

Gotten stitches..........In mouth, from surgery and once from falling as a toddler.

Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour.......... No, that’s gross!

Bitten someone............ Not and meant it too!

Been to Niagara Falls........Yes, but too little to remember.

Gotten the chicken pox....... Yes...New Year’s Eve 6 years ago. That was the best New Year’s ever! Ugh!
Kissed a member of the same sex.......No

Crashed into a friend's car........ No

Been to Japan......... No

Ridden in a taxi............Many times.

Been dumped........... A few times.

Shoplifted............ Ask Peanutt about this one! I plead the 5th. LOL

Been fired............. No.

Had a crush on someone of the same sex.........No

Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back........... Oh yes. Heartbreaking.

Gone on a blind date............. No, way too uncomfortable.

Lied to a friend...............Yes, who hasn't? I look back now and realize if I did, they werent' really good friends anyway.

Had a crush on a teacher............ Yes.

Celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans........... No, it’s on my to-do list!

Slept with a co-worker............No.

Been married........... Yes

Had children............. Yes. Apparently twice, unless someone dropped off theirs by mistake.

Seen someone die............My dad. 2 months ago.

Had a close friend die...........Mom’s best friend. 4 days ago.

Been to Africa............ No

Driven over 400 miles in one day........... Yes

Been to US............Umm, I live in the US

Been to Mexico.......... No.

Been to India............. No

Been on a plane............ A few times, still a novice though.

Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.............Yes, was tons of fun!

Thrown up in a bar..........I can’t remember ever getting sick there, usually always wait until I crawl into bed and get the spins…then I’m sick!

Purposely set a part of myself on fire............No...has anyone said yes to this????

Eaten sushi..........Yes, and will not do that again.

Been skiing/snowboarding............. No, would like to do both.

Met someone in person from the internet............ Yes.

Lost a child.............No.

Gone to college/university............Yes

Graduated college/university.............No

Fired a gun................. Yes, past New Year’s Eve.

Purposely hurt yourself................. No, but I do hurt myself alot unintentionally

Taken painkillers............... Yes, a few times, but hate to do it.

Been intimate with someone of the same gender...............No.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

If it could go wrong....

Ever have those days where you are absolutely positive it would have been better, had you just refused to get up out of bed? Today was definitely one of those!!!

It started off pretty much like usual...

The alarm clock went off at 6:20, I hit the snooze. I laid in bed for what seemed like a really long time, only to realize that I hadn't hit the snooze at all and what seemed like such a long time, was thankfully only 20 minutes. I could deal with that. Got up, made my way to the shower. Decided that I wasn't gonna do my hair today ("doing my hair" requires taking forever to straighten it with a blowdryer and then follow with a flat iron). Since it has been so muggy lately, and my hair only kinks up in it, I was going with curls today. No fuss, no muss. Ok fine, done with that. I then get the boys up, they have to shower. That went off without a hitch. It's getting close to leaving time and Tyler stops cooperating, he would rather play with the dog. I'm getting a little frustrated by this point, but no big deal, we get out the door only about 10 minutes later than usual. It could be worse. I make the short drive to the kids school, (down the street, around the block, and down one more street). By the time we get there (maybe 1 minute), the kids are trying to punch each other and yelling and screaming the usual stuff like "shutup", "you're so stupid". Ok, here is where my foul mood begins. I tell them to "stop it" and "be nice to each other"...etc. We say our goodbyes and I'm off to work. Mind you, I'm somewhat aggravated, but this could have easily subsided upon getting to work and starting my day. Until I actually get to work...

I get there and start the daily routine...voice mail, getting doc's schedules together, things like that. I go into the kitchen to make coffee and find that the coffee pot is FULL of coffee grounds. It's in the pot, in the water reservoir, and where you put the filter. Joy! I begin cleaning that when the medical assistant walks in there and opens the fridge. Shes like, "oh my gosh, look at this!" Inside the fridge WERE leftovers from the luncheon we had the day before (chinese). However, it appeared that a large bear had gotten into these leftovers, leaving ALL of the containers wide open, food dripping down the front of the drawers, seeping all over the shelves. Here is where my tirade began. It was no bear that had gotten into the fridge! Oh no, it was our one and only male doctor...the one who eats everyone's food whether it's up for grabs or not. You can practically be mid bite, and he will have his hands in there. (And he has no remorse at all, if you confront him about it). I lost it! I'm done cleaning up after him. From now on, things will have to rot in the fridge, if he is the cause for the mess. If there are 12 cups on his desk growing all sorts of science project type bacteria's, I really don't care. I will go buy a new coffee cup before cleaning one of his! And if someone dare say anything about the "mess in the kitchen", I WILL explain to them that I do my own dishes! (And Peanutt's) That's all I'm worrying about. Everyone has become way too lax about leaving stuff like that for us. We're not maids, and I'm sick of it always being left up to us. Okay back to the real work now.

It wasn't so much that today was your typical nasty person day, it was more just that it was too busy to possibly keep up. That type of day gets you stressing out just because there is all this work piling up, you are working as efficiently as you possibly can, and you just don't ever get to the end of this formidable pile. On a day like that, if Peanutt isn't around, I can usually count on the nurse to stay up front and actually pitch in as much as she possibly can. Not today! Nope, she was more concerned about heading off to lunch with one of the docs, than the fact that I was ready to walk the hell out! She also had a secret meeting with our administrator in the afternoon, that she "just had to go to". Give me a break! Anyhow, I worked like a crazy woman most of the day and the last few hours ended up slowing a bit, and I got some relief. During this time, I called Brian and left a message telling him that I was having a bad day and that he should take me out for dinner. Which, I was only partially kidding about that, it really didn't matter if we went out or not. He called back though, said it sounded good, we would meet right after work. I got out a little late, as the nurse didn't get back from the secret meeting until almost 5 and I had to update her on all the messages I had taken for her...etc.

I head off to the restaurant. We went to a new rib place by the house that has been absolutely packed from the day it opened a few weeks ago. The food was great (bbq ribs, corn on the cob, wonderful potato salad, baked beans, corn bread). I was thoroughly enjoying it, when the dreaded topic of children's chores came up! This seems to be the one area that Brian and I just don't see eye to eye on, because I am always made to feel like I'm doing something wrong! And while I totally value his opinions and listen to suggestions that he might children are my children, and what I say goes! This discussion was about mowing the lawn. He felt that Corey should mow the front and back tomorrow. I said that I would be doing the front, he didn't like that answer. He feels that Corey is plenty old enough to be doing both and that's how it should be done. Bottom line. Well, Corey has only mowed the lawn on 2 occasions, and the front is what everyone sees...I want to do it. His defense..."how will he ever learn, if you keep doing it for him?" Ugh! So, I can see where this is headed, right to an argument. I pay for dinner and walk out, without a word. He gets in his truck, me in my car, we take off. I get home and he shows up there. Oh, but he doesn't show up because of me! No, he shows up to work on the waverunners. He went and bought a special hose for it, checked the oil, washed them...all the while, never saying a word to me. I decide that I'm going to finish the planting of my flowers.

A new saga begins...LOL

I start planting the remainder of the flowers I had bought this past weekend. There weren't a whole lot left, but I finish that up and decide that I will start transplanting some hostas from the front into the back, and I moved some lillies that were being hidden by rose bushes, etc. The hostas proved to be a little bit of a challenge, their roots were entwined for what seemed like miles, but I got the job done. Just before finishing all of that, I had let the dog out. He goes and does his business, I'm ready to let him in and go in myself to start working inside the house, when I notice the back of him is covered in poop. Ga-ross! (I'm not talking a little bit here either, he is covered). I resign myself to the fact that I HAVE to give him a bath and run in the house for my gloves and to start the bath water. Brian had just finished his outside festivities and decided to come in and watch the basketball game. I'm sure he was wondering why I walked by in big yellow gloves almost up to my elbows, carrying the dog, but he doesn't say a word. I give the dog a bath, him shaking out his fur and drenching me every 5 seconds, (not to mention the bathroom) and come out into the livingroom to start blowdrying and brushing him. However, he really isn't fond of the blowdryer and instead wants to roll around on the floor and soak every square inch! Nice! So, we finally start the blowdrying procedure, me with my leg over him so he can't escape, and we get about 4 seconds into this task, and he squirms out from underneath my leg and runs off into the middle of the living room and just starts heaving. Oh no, here she (actually he) blows! So, I have just finished bathing the poo off of him and now he is puking on top of it. Wonderful! Of course I clean this mess up, and now proceed to the task at hand. But wait, a neighbor is knocking at the door, and it's not just any neighbor, it's Carol! *cue the scary music* While I love Carol to pieces, she is a great person, she loves my kids, and would help me in any way that she possibly could (and has), she will talk your head off to the point that you just start hearing "blah blah blah blah blah". (I just started thinking about that...this post is pretty guys may be thinking the same thing about me! Sowwy, just an eventful day!) LOL So, I give her my ear for the next 20 minutes or so, while she tells me about, well, everything! (All the while, Brian is sitting on the couch smiling smugly at me, knowing that there is really nothing I can do to escape!) Finally, I just couldn't take it anymore, I picked a small but sufficient pause, and I turn on the blowdryer. Carol takes her cue and says, "well, I'll let you get back to it", and leaves. Whew, glad that's over! Now, I know that maybe I could have been a little more polite, I could have sat there for hours listening like a good friend and neighbor should, but I was just at the end of my rope! Sorry, Carol. I still love ya!

Now, in walks the boys. I try to finish blowdrying the dog, he is not cooperating AT ALL! He is not only squirming around, but getting downright pissed. He is biting at it and barking, basically going crazy. Finally, I shoot an evil look over at Brian and say, "can you not see that I could really use some help here?" He doesn't look too happy about helping, but comes over to assist anyhow. We finish this task and the boys run outside to play. I figure this would be a good time for me to take a shower, so that I can relax sometime tonight. I take my shower and feel much better. So, I'm not totally relaxed, and still have a bit of laundry to do, but that's okay. At least I'm no longer covered in dog stink, and dirt from gardening, it's a start!

The kids come running in the house and I hear Tyler get to his bedroom and shriek..."OH MY GOSH!" "Mom, Max pooped in my room!" Now, I have told the children numerous times, to make sure to close their doors when they leave in the mornings, but did he heed my warning? No, he did not! I tell him that he is just gonna have to clean it up himself! He didn't like that answer one bit, but says "okay". I leave him to his task.

Brian decides that it's high time for him to leave. Remember, we had barely spoken 2 words to each other in hours. I walk out the door after him to ask if he even has any clue as to why I'm mad and get in reply, *sarcastically*, "no, but I'm very interested why you are!" Ugh. I'm done, that's it!! Can't take anymore. I tell him that it's quite obvious that he feels like he can just walk out that door and all will be forgotten by morning, but that is NOT how things are going to work! I get back in the house, Tyler is now crying, because cleaning up dog poop, almost made him get sick. (He has no clue that I had not only bathed a poopy dog, but cleaned up his large pile of vomit!) I'm not feeling very sympathetic at this point, but it was pulling at my heart strings a bit, I must admit. I just hope that he learned his lesson this time. I'm thinking this might be effective solution to him leaving his door open! LOL At least I hope it is.

The kids go off to bed, I'm finishing up some laundry and trying to type this novel, when I get kicked offline at about 12-12:30 am, by the phone ringing. Of course it's Brian, wanting to talk! We talked until just before 2 am, and did actually resolve many things, but I still kinda have that big fight hangover, where not EVERYTHING is back to normal on this end just yet. Ah well, I will get over it very soon, I'm sure. Today is a new day, and I'm sure it will be much better.

So, sorry for the length...this one was a killer, I know. On a happier note, I'm gonna post a meme that I got from Leesa (thank you). Should be fun, and I hope everyone will try and participate in this one! It's kinda interesting! *wink wink*

Have a great day all!

Things you would do, if you weren't afraid????

Just a few minutes to post, so I thought I'd make it easy on myself and just ask for an answer to the above subject. What are some of the things that you would do, if you weren't afraid?????

I will think about it, and let you know mine later. Think my number 1 would be; parasailing though!


Not much time to post or read posts today. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday Peanutt!!! I hope you are having a great day! Will try and call ya sometime after work.

Work is rather crazy and I've been hopping since I got in. The way things are going, I really don't see it letting up. Will try and post later.

Bye all...hope all is well!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Catch up time...

I haven't really posted too much lately, so I thought I would catch up a little here. It's been a pretty eventful week, as I did post before;

Wednesday was the award ceremony at school, for Tyler. We went in there with no idea of how many awards he was going to be presented. They kept it a secret until that night. Tyler came out of it with 2 awards, one in Math and the other in Reading. These were from the big MEAP tests that they have done at school. He got the awards for exceeding their set goals. (And of course got a celebratory ice cream after!) He will also be published in a book and online this coming fall for the Great Lakes Scholars. (As was my oldest 2 years ago.) I am very proud of both of them.

Thursday night we went to that "welcome home", for a friend of Brian's sister. That was a day that really brought lots into perspective for me. The boy was a 17 year-old cancer survivor, who now has one leg that is 3 inches shorter than the other, due to his cancer. They removed a large tumor from his upper leg, along with most of his bone. In order to make up for him losing such a large part of his leg, they had to take a bone from the lower leg and place it inside a cadaver bone, add a bunch of screws and pins...and viola, he can walk again. He's on crutches, but he's the picture of a near perfect 17 year-old boy. (He also performed with his band at this function, with songs he had written while in the hospital, during his treatment.) Yeah, break out the Kleenex, but it was really really nice.

Friday night was very nice hanging out with Peanutt and her gang. Dinner was great and the kids were in their performing glory. Yes, Peanutt has trained them to like Bon Jovi and they were wanting to perform their routines for an audience! It was great!

Today, we took a trip to the lake. On the way there, it poured several times and we weren't sure if we were headed out there for nothing, but it turned out well. It was raining when we got there. We drove around the lake and camping area for a while, to see if it would pass. It actually paid off, because we found a great campsite for future visits. By the time we were done doing that, most people had actually been pushed out by the rain and we pretty much had the lake to ourselves. When we started up the waverunners, the lake was like glass, and there was not a sould around! Of course, after a while people started showing up, but there weren't too many at all. It made for a really nice day! What is it about sun and the water that makes you so stinkin' tired though? By the time we left, I was bone weary and we came home and napped (at 8:30 pm, isn't that nice, just before bedtime?), before we even unloaded the truck or waverunners. We finally just got our tails up about an hour ago, to get that done (around 10:30 pm)! Let's see how well I sleep tonight! LOL

Well, I think I'm off to do more laundry. It's a never ending battle, but one that I just might win this weekend, if I work my ASS off! LOL

Night all and hope you are having a great weekend!

Friday, June 10, 2005

I just don't get it!

You know, I really do try to be patient with the ex, but he makes it damn near impossible. His stupidity is very annoying sometimes. He has his usual visitation on Tuesday's and Thursday's, from after school until 8:30 pm. One of my issues, is that for the past few weeks he must be looking at another country's calender, because he has his seasons all screwed up. Apparently, he is under the assumption that it is now summer because his visitation in the summer is until 9:30 pm, and that's when he has been bringing the children home. I'm sorry, but that isn't fair to them, while they are still in school. Stop and think about it, asshole!

My other rant is that yesterday he picks them up from school as usual on a Thursday, in they come at 9:20 at night...McDonald's bags in hand. That pissed me off. My kids went from lunch at school, until almost 9:30 to eat? That pissed me off more! They go ahead and eat their Mickey D's (now about 10 pm), I tell them they need to get ready for bed, (no shower's because it's just too late now). Fine, they get ready for bed. By this time, I'm really just irritated. Brian gets up to go to the bathroom (about 10:30), and comes back and asks why Corey's light is still on. I was actually half asleep on the couch (yes, I had made the mistake of laying down), and don't really pay too much attention to it, I'm assuming he probably fell asleep with it big deal. A few minutes later, Brian's phone is going off, he's getting called into work. This sorta woke me up, beause I knew I had to change out of my clothes, brush teeth, let the dog out, etc. before going to bed. I go to the bathroom, notice Corey's light on...go in to turn it off...he's wide awake...DOING HIS HOMEWORK! I was like, "Corey, what are you doing your homework now for? Why didn't you do it earlier?" Here's the kicker....ready for this one???? Corey says, "I couldn't! We were at work with dad all night!" I was livid! I didn't ask any more questions, just told him to finish up as soon as he could so he could get to bed, and walked out. I wanted to scream!!! Now I can't say that I haven't been in a pinch before and had to bring my kids to work with me for a few hours before, but that is bullshit. At least make accomodations for the kids...think of them. When I bring them with me, they have their gameboy's to play, movies to watch, FOOD TO EAT, etc. Now mind you, he has them this whole weekend...why couldn't he call me and ask if I could just take them???? I would have said "sure"! Problem solved! I think his brain is fried from excessive marijuana usage!!!!

Well, that's my bitch! If nothing else, it totally confirms that I made a wonderful choice in leaving his joint smoking ass!


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Crazy week(s)!

I have procrastinated for far too long. I absolutely despise that I do that to myself. You would think that I would learn my lesson, but I always seem to wait until the last minute for everything!

This whole week, and many more in the near future, I am almost booked solid. I have been putting off going to the grocery store for almost a week now. There is an award ceremony for Ty tonight, tomorrow evening is a "welcome home" dinner for a friend of a friends (this is for a 17 year-old who just finished chemo), the kids get out of school next week, I'm supposed to start back to school next week. We are going camping in a few weeks, I still have to transfer the title on the camper, and get to the secretary of state for tabs and a license plate. We have to get together with my brother to show us how to properly assemble the camper. I have to get it all cleaned out. Need to buy a new filter and open my pool. There is the usual chores...laundry, mowing the lawn, etc. I just feel like I can't keep up! Oh the stress! Not to mention the tightening of my neck muscles! LOL

So, I guess the bottom line is that I HAVE to make a list of everything that needs to be done and try to accomplish at least a few of those EVERY SINGLE DAY! Ugh. There's something to look forward to! (I've actually gotten a few of these things accomplished while in between phone calls here at work and trying to type this out) Woo hoo...go me! LOL

Have a great day all!

Monday, June 06, 2005

The birds, the bees, and...the pillow!

Let me set the stage for you....the kids and I are cuddled up on the couches, all snuggled in and happy. We are watching some show on TLC, one that we all actually liked. Corey and I are getting pretty drowsy...I find myself drifting off a little bit and can tell Corey is headed in the same direction as I can feel him really relaxing on my right hip. Tyler isn't quite as sleepy as we are and keeps playing with the dog. "Max come here"...they play for a while, and then the dog lays down to rest.

Apparently Max got a burst of energy and goes to get his pillow (i.e. the "girlfriend"). Max has a little routine with his pillow...he first nips at it and then he starts to swing it around with it clenched between his teeth...(I think this is his form of foreplay, ugh!) After these festivities, he always begins the humping ritual. I'm laying there on the couch just dreading, what I know is about to happen. My mind is racing, and I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna say to the boys. Oh, I hate when that kind of stuff happens....what do you tell a 9 and 11 year-old, when it comes to that kind of thing???? To my surprise, the kids don't take much notice, until...Tyler decides that it's time for him and Max to play again. He's saying..."come here Max..come on boy" my head I'm like, "oh no!". Tyler, being the relentless little boy he is, keeps on calling him, over and over. Max I think, is in a different world at this point...he has his pillow locked in and is going for the gold...geez. Going, going, done! Thank goodness.

But now, it's on to the licking stage...afterwards, he always takes several minutes to lick himself (which I find to be sooo disgusting). Anyhow, the licking is making Tyler get a little frustrated..."mom! he won't play with me!" I say, "Ty, he's a little busy right now!" Here comes the dreaded part.."well, what is he doing?" Oh shit...wheels spinning, spinning, spinning...what do I say? "He's licking his penis Ty". The kids start squealing, and in unison say..."Ewwwwwwwwww!" So, I follow up with, "NOW do you REALLY want to play with him?" We were all rolling, but the best part comes about 5 minutes later, when Corey says..."why you don't EVER want to kiss a Maxi!" We all laughed until we had tears in our eyes!!! (A few months back, I showed the kids an e-mail "why you don't ever want to kiss a monkey"...don't know how many of you have seen this one, but it shows a monkey peeing and spraying it right into his mouth). Nasty!! LOL

So, I guess I made it through that uncomfortable experience unscathed! I'm sure there will be many more to come! Lovely!

Until later all!!! Have a great one!!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

This is a pic of the sunset in Petoskey! This was basically the view from our hotel room. The cam was freaking out at this point...this is the best shot I got! Posted by Hello

Said son Tyler would be the blur next to fire!  Posted by Hello

Mine and Brian kids enjoying ice cream after the bonfire lastnight.  Posted by Hello

This is the other half of living room!  Posted by Hello

This is my living room (pre-dog, children and boyfriend) LOL Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mama's little boys!

Here I sit feeling very sappy right now....thinking about the boys. I'm trying to hold back those silly mommy tears...but I think it's a fruitless effort...they are a comin'. I would just like to know where my "little" boys have gone???? Can anyone tell me that? I've been around them almost every day for their entire lives, and it's like one day, they're just "big". I was talking to my oldest tonight, and having what would pretty much qualify as an adult conversation with him. It's just bizarre. I was REALLY looking at Corey, critiquing him, I guess you could say...I noticed; his nose has gotten really slim, he's grown into his adult teeth, and he just looks like a big boy now. Waaahhhhh! What happened to his CHUBBY little cheeks, his full-o-baby-fat hands, and the numerous little rolls on his legs, that I remember so well? What happened to him speeding through the house on his official "police car" bumping into walls, and chipping up paint? And the times when we had to watch the Lion King 5 times in a day? Now it's talk about more grown up things. (But we do still sing really loudly to a good song playing on the radio in the car, and better yet, he does still call me "mama") At least I have that! LOL

I am very proud of who and what he stands for. He's a great kid! He does very well in school, loves to read and draw and play games. He's very good natured and mild mannered. (Though he does have his little "moments".) A day doesn't go by that he doesn't just walk by and say, "I love you, mama!" I'm very grateful for that.

And then there's Tyler...
He's a kid that has always given me a run for my money. He certainly keeps me on my toes...but I wouldn't have him any other way. He has seen a top-notch Neurologist and been diagnosed with ADHD (though Dr. Mom had diagnosed it about 3 years prior to that...LOL), but he has certain needs and issues that aren't always easy to deal with. He has almost no attention span, no fear, and he doesn't think past the moment at all. We have been through many temper tantrums, breath holding spells, and many many sleepless nights of high pitched relentless screaming, because he just didn't want to go to bed! (Those have long since ended, by the way) But it's all a part of what makes Tyler...Tyler! At almost 10-years-old, I still have to remind him of his manners, tell him to wash his hands, and I STILL have to tell him EVERY SINGLE DAY to throw his dirty clothes down the chute! But that's okay. He's mine and I love him. While everyone knows that he's very intelligent (we have an award ceremony for him next Weds for his academics), they might become a little perturbed at his restlestness, or inability to follow directions as well as other kids...there's a side of him, that not everyone else gets to see. That side that is reserved just for me. It's the side that, snuggles behind me on the couch and plays with my hair for what seems like hours, or rubs my back when he knows it's aching. It's the side of him that still loves to give his mommy hugs. The side that makes me fall in love with him, when 10 minutes ago he could have made me raging mad! Sometimes, only people that truly KNOW Tyler can see all the good that's locked away in there. I see it, and always have. Yes, he can frustrate me and give me a ton of gray hairs, (and near heart attacks, for that matter), but what a joy he can be, when HE wants to be. It's for that very reason that yesterday, even though I had just gotten ready for work...just did my hair, and got dressed in my unwrinkled clothes for work...I took one look at him laying in bed and crawled right in there with him...instead of saying, "hey buddy, it's time to get up"...I rubbed his back instead. My reward for that, was a precious smile from ear to ear, one that said "I love you, mom", without saying a single word. Now those are the moments! Those are the times that make being a mom the best job anyone could ever wish for.

My boys mean the world to me! I hope they get everything they want out of life, and then some. I hope they never want for anything and that they know, no matter how big they get, or how far away they move, I will always be there for them and I love them with all my heart.

Night boys, sweet dreams...mama loves you!!!

Well, I think my sappiness has now subsided a bit! Hope everyone has a good night!~

Doing just fine.

As some of you may already know, I had to take my oldest for a procedure at the hospital yesterday. He is doing well and is back in school today. This is a yearly event for us. We drive about 40 miles to his gastroenterologist's office and he has a gastroscopy, where they put him to sleep and scope him to check the status of his GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), hiatal hernia, and esophageal ulcers. My son was diagnosed with all of this, at the age of 8 years. My family has a very strong history of stomach ulcers and reflux disease. (Makes mommy feel pretty bad, like it's all my fault! Ugh.)

Anyhow...everything went well, and he is doing much better than he was last year. The doc saw one tiny ulcer (as opposed to 3 large ones), and says that there was only a minimal amount of redness in his stomach and that his hiatal hernia looks somewhat better. He is changing him to an adult med because of his age and weight and hopefully will only have to take 1 pill a day, instead of his current dose of 2. That will be nice.

Last year when he woke from the anesthesia...he was NASTY! He was screaming and yelling and it was not a pretty sight. Yesterday, he was hilarious! He had the nurses cracking up. They gave him a popsicle and he was waving that thing around, looking like he was soooo drunk. The nurses were asking him about school and he was telling them that..."my pizza has lots of school!" Oh, I was almost rolling on the floor! He said that he was seeing double of everything..."I see 2 mom's, 2 dad's, and 2 Tyler's!" Poor kid. He did really great though. Glad it's done and over with and we have another year before we have to think about it again! Though, the doc did talk to us about having his hernia repaired when he turns 18, and the fact that he might not need to take meds after that AT ALL! That would be great. Will have to just wait and see what happens!

That's it for now...gotta catch up on my daily blogs (I'm having withdraws)...LOL

Take care everyone!