Thursday, August 16, 2007

I made it through...

Last post I was a little distraught about my mom. I did wind up taking a trip to the cemetary and it was just what I needed! I really do miss her! Holidays, her birthday, Mother's Day and the anniversary of her death really still bother me, even after all this time...but it has gottten a little bit better. I miss my dad too, but in a different way than I miss my mom.

It's really funny how most mother's seem to be the foundation of families. I miss her courageous strength, her laughter, her guidance when there was something I was facing that I just had no clue how to handle...etc. I miss her sauteed cinnamon apples, her roast and fried chicken and pork chops. Kinda funny, that I would miss something like that...but I just can't help it. I miss her looking at my little boy with unconditional love. And regret so much, that she never got to spend time with Tyler. However, I know that there are reasons for everything that happens and even though I still have no clue what those reasons could possibly be...they are there. Maybe I will find out someday...

Anyhow...on to other things.

Only 5 days until the yearly boat trip...I really look forward to it. The ex is actually stepping up and taking the boys during this trip. I think it's only because it was an agreement that was made during the last court adventure...but still, it will be nice to not have to worry about the kids while I'm gone this time. The previous 2 years, I've had to beg, borrow and steal to arrange for people to watch the kids for 10 days straight. Isn't an easy task, trust me.

I'm already very much in vacation mode and feel like just chilling, but have so much to do to prepare for this. As always, laundry needs to be caught up, I need to pack and get a bunch of food/things together for the time we are gone. It's always kind of hard to try and think of everything that you could possibly need for 10 days...always something that's necessary, but forgotten. Making my lists!!! Checking them twice!!! Wish me luck!! ;0)

On the home front, my kids are doing well. But they are reversing roles...where I was having tons of issues with Tyler....Corey is now the frontrunner for needing an ass whupping!! Why is that we even have to go through these teenage years??? Anyone know??? If you do, could you share it with me??? I want my sweet baby back, but I know that is unrealistic. I guess I will just work with the little monster I have and see what happens! For now anyhow. But I'm thinking that he should be A-F-R-A-I-D, very afraid...cuz mom is really done playing!

Well, I'm off for now...I have lists to write and too many things to think about. I hope ya'll are good (yeah, I'm brushing up on my Tennessee accent). Will try and check in when I get back after 9-1!