Sunday, October 15, 2006

Viva Las Chicken?

Well, we made it without a hitch. Okay, maybe there was one little hitch. You all know by now, that I can't do anything and have it just go perfectly! That would make it way too easy for me, and that just isn't in the cards! LOL

All in all, Vegas was a wonderful experience. I had a ball and was really sad to come home (except that I missed my kids and my feet will probably love the rest they are getting), but to tell you the truth...I would have stayed another week or so, if I had the opportunity. I definitely will be going back in the future!

Everything was just even more grand than I had imagined. My favorite places were...The Luxor with it's huge pyramid and sphinx in front and the beautiful interior, the Paris which really made you feel like you were in Paris...even the bathrooms were just exquisite, and Barbary Coast which wasn't by any means grand, but that's where we had a ton of fun.

We took in a few shows while there. Both were really great, though I'm sure Brian enjoyed the Folies Bergiere more than I did, considering he was staring at titties (from front stage), for over an hour! He had a smile on his face the whole time! But I must say, those almost non-existent boobs just weren't making me feel the slightest bit self conscious! LOL The Legends show was awesome...Elvis, Garth Brooks and The Temptations, couldn't have done a better job.

His mom and dad did pretty well on the slots...his dad was the big winner and won about $2,100 in one day. Not bad, for a few hours of fun!

As for Brian and I, the biggest we hit for was $500 in one of the first nights we were there. The last night, we put $40 on red and $200 on black on the roulette table and just let it ride...we ended up doubling our $200 and walking out of the casino for the last time with $400 in our pockets..that was nice. So, I'm trying to remember all of the casinos that we hit....

1) MGM Grand
2) Rio
3) Palms
4) South Coast
5) Hooters
6) Imperial Palace
7) Circus Circus
8) Luxor
9) Barbary Coast
10) Venetian
11) Paris
12) Red Rock
13) Gold Coast
14) O'Sheas
15) Mirage
16) Tropicana
17) Four Queens
18) Binions
19) Golden Nugget
20) Fitzgeralds
21) Fremont
22) Wynn
23) Excalibur
24) New York New York

We tried to get to 'em all, but there was just no way that we could! I guess we will have to hit the rest next time we go!

As for the one little hitch...we rented a 2007 Suburban for the trip. It was beautiful and people would stop and ask us about it, "how's it drive?"..."do you love it?", etc. On our 5th day there, we stopped at a 7-11 to get a newspaper before heading out for the day. Upon trying to back out of the parking spot, Brian kinda didn't see a 32 foot motor home that was sitting at one of the gas pumps and he backed right into it. His sister and I were in the 3rd row of seats, and had no idea what was happening when there was a huge commotion, and glass started flying everywhere. Yep folks, Brian who's never had an accident in his 36 years, took out the entire back window of a brand new Suburban, while on vacation in Vegas! Nice!

As for the title...Viva Las Chicken? One night (I should say morning, because I believe it was about 3 a.m.), we were heading back to the condo and were all exhausted and a little loopy...out of the blue, his mom (who had been singing 'Viva Las Vegas' for days), says..."I just saw a sign that said Viva Las Chicken!" We thought that she was just a little overtired and were accusing her of seeing things and laughing histerically at her. We told her that we would be looking for that place the next day. And we did! The next day and the next day and the day after that. On the day of the accident...we finally spotted it. That became our favorite place for sweet tea and a ritual before heading out for the day, the rest of the time we stayed in Vegas! Their chicken wasn't bad either! LOL

So, that's the gist of our trip. I had a ball and it was definitely something that I would want to do again! Wish you could have all been there! Now that would have made it even more fun...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The hand in the cookie jar and Vegas...

I had a long heart to heart with Corey the other day. After a few minutes of cajoling him, he did admit to taking the fundraiser money back out of the envelope.

While I was upset with him about doing that, I'm relieved that he at least told me the truth...albeit after having solid proof (and a mad mom) staring him in the face. I'm still glad that he fessed up. I did tell him that I think much more of an honest person, than someone who I know lies all the time, and that how can I believe anything he says to me, if he's only rarely honest??? I hope that got through to hit a wee bit! Probably not, but at least I'm trying.


Okay, I think it's safe to say that I have most of my ducks in a row and we are off to Vegas in less than 24 hours! I'm finally getting a little bit excited and am confident that we will have a great time on this vacation!!!

If not, there will be hell to pay! LOL

Have a great week, and will catch up with everyone soon!!!