Monday, June 20, 2005

Weekend fun.

The weekend was certainly busy, but there was fun involved too. Friday night, we went and saw Madagascar. I think we laughed louder than the kids, on several occasions. It was pretty funny. I'm gonna be investing in that one, when it comes out. We also rented Lemoney Snicket's...two thumbs down on that one! The kids weren't even very interested in this one. (I know I dozed a few times!)

Saturday was pretty much spent at Brian's nieces' graduation party. It turned out really nice. The weather wasn't great. Kind of gloomy and overcast, but it wasn't hot out, and that was nice. The best part of the party was definitely when one of the Senator's of Michigan got Brian back for one of his typical pranks! Brian thought it would be funny to spray him with water, through an open screen door. He took it in stride, and wagged his finger at him...but little did Bri know, he was out for revenge. A few minutes later, he comes down the stairs, looking as innocent as a newborn baby! LOL Brian's dad also walked down about the same time. They both held him down and got frosting, via the graduation cake, from one end of him to the other. It was great. Bri is one to ALWAYS pull pranks and make was due time that he got back for once!!! I loved it.

Yesterday I really got a ton of stuff accomplished. I worked for hours in my front garden, moving and transplanting almost everything. It now looks healthier and not so out of control. I also really truly caught up on laundry (and finally put away all my winter stuff). Definitely a good thing.

It was my first father's day without my dad, and that had me close to tears for the duration of the day. Keeping myself very occupied I found, was the best cure for it, though I did have a few meltdowns. Today would have been his 71st birthday, to boot. So, I guess I need not say, what has been on my mind the past few days. Next father's day, won't be quite as hard, I'm sure.

Today, I finally went and got Peanutt her birthday present. A little late I know. Tsk tsk...what a bad best-friend I am. Just hadn't had the chance to go until now. I got one of those silver add-a-charm bracelets that is all the rage right now. (At least here they are!) I even found her a charm with a cell phone on it, to signify our love of gabbing, and also a martini glass...I'm sure it's not hard to figure that one out! LOL We've had many good times both on the phone and tipping back a few! Anyhow, I hope she likes it (I know she does), and will work on finding an engraver to complete it for her!

That's all folks! See ya kiddies! =)



TrueJerseyGirl said...

Sounds like a good weekend, except for missing your dad. When I miss people who have passed away, I try to remember that they are still with you, really, and they are watching and enjoying what you are doing.

-xtessa- said...

that's sad about your dad... i would've been bawling most of the day if it were me!

jlybn123 said...

Jersey--was a pretty good weekend. And yes, I do the same. I also try to keep in mind that they (my mom and dad) wouldn't want me to be unhappy, but it still gets to me!

Xtessa--It is pretty sad, that's why I kept myself so busy. Will get better with time.

Robin said...

Hey there Jellybean! Thanks for visiting my blog. Of course I don't mind you jumping right in. That's what comments are all about. :)

Dawn said...

sorry about losing your dad

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see that movie! I am a big fan of kids movies.