Thursday, June 16, 2005

And he graduates!

Yesterday morning I attended the graduation of my 11 year-old from 6th grade. And yes, I made it through without bawling, but barely. Hard to believe that he will be going into middle school already. I remember so well, his first day of kindergarten. Waahhh!

I am so proud of him, what a great kid he is. He also received a President's Award, for scoring in the top 15% in the US, on his Meap tests. The principal took us aside afterwards, and told Corey that he was such a bright kid, he wished he could have given him a higher award...but that it doesn't get higher than the President's Award! LOL I thought that was really great of him to say! He's a really good guy! I hope his next prinicpal will be half the man (or woman) that this one is! Couldn't ask for any better.

Corey is so excited about going to middle school next year. (I'm sure that there is some fear in there too, but he doesn't want to let mom know that). Being at the graduation yesterday, brought back all the emotions I felt when I was that age. I loved my experiences at elementary and middle school. It was all about hanging out with friends and there were always fun things going on during class time. They made school an adventure, and learning fun. Maybe not everyone felt that way, but I sure did. I can only hope and pray that his experiences are as great as mine were. What a fun time! I'd like to make him a time capsule of sorts...for his memories at elementary school. I have a HUGE box FULL of things he has done since starting school...would like to break it down to a much smaller version and give it to him. Maybe for his B-Day next month! Yeah, I think that will be my goal. Something he can have and keep forever! (Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!)

Anyhow, I'm glad that graduation is over and that I won't have another for 2 years! Mommy couldn't take another one any time soon! LOL

Wwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! =(


Chief Slacker said...

Yeah, Middle school was fun, none of the cliques and crap like in high school. But then again, kids are getting ruthless at younger ages now.

Im remember my Middle school graduation, I ended up getitng so many awards they asked my jsut to stay on the stage instead of going up each time. hehe

-xtessa- said...

congratulations! it's a validation to what a great parent you must be...

have a nice weekend!

Jennifer said...

Wow. I can't even think about getting to that stage. Right now I'm just struggling to keep the dog food out of ther mouth. Time goes to quick