Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Daycare or no daycare?

Yes, I'm attempting to eliminate my exorbitant daycare expenses and leave my children home to fend for themselves. Corey is at the age where he can't go to daycare any longer, (will be 12 in a few weeks), and Tyler is almost 10. I'm finding that this is causing me great distress and anxiety. The days at work drag by much slower than they used to, that's for sure. When my cell phone rings, at a time that we didn't previously set up for "check-in", I find myself tensing up immediately.

For example, yesterday I get a call around 3:45 from Corey. He was on the verge of tears, and said that Tyler had bitten him. I asked to speak to Tyler, who (in-between choking and gasping for air) sputters out, that he only bit Corey (in self-defense), AFTER he had pinned him down and had him in a headlock. Ugh! I told them to separate until I got home about an hour later. During the last hour here, the time ticked away at a snail's pace, because I was filled with worry about the happenings at my house. I had many visions of black eyes and stitches awaiting me, upon my return home. They were fine when I got there...the storm had since passed! But wow, was I mad! I told them that they would be spending the rest of the evening in their bedrooms, and that their rooms had better be sparkling to boot.

So far, today has been better. They are dressed, have both brushed their teeth, had breakfast and lunch, and I've had no out of the blue calls. (Yet!) LOL

Not sure how long this no day care thing is going to work out! Any suggestions? Anyone else with similar situations?


Chief Slacker said...

Have a one on one with Corey, have a talk about responsibility. He's definitely at that age. Tell him you want to work with him and you want him to have some more of that grown-up responsibility. Ask him if he wants to do that. My guess is he will, so then work out the guidlines of what you're looking for ;O)

Good luck!

Jennifer said...

hmmmmm. Being a "new" mom I have no idea. The suggestion of talking with Corey is a good idea. Maybe start a reward system for responsible acts? I would also see if you could have an adult who you trust to “drop in” sometimes to check on the boys.

Mellie Helen said...

No suggestions, but I do like Jennifer's idea. Hopefully you will get some good ideas, which I shall then tuck away for future reference (in about 6-7 years).

TrueJerseyGirl said...

Mine is only 18 months so thank God I haven't had to worry about this one yet! But I am sure its just a matter of time.

porchwise said...

I married a woman whose two boys were eight and ten. They could not even walk by each other without hitting and fought constantly. The second day they moved into my house, I locked them in their bedroom and told them they were to fight each other until I said they could stop. They were overjoyed. Their mother was horrified but aqueised to my wishes. After fifteen minutes of yelling and knocking each other about the room grew quiet. I opened the door and told them I hadn't said they could stop and to get up off their beds and fight or else. They did, but only for about five minutes. The older boy knocked on the door and asked if they could come out. I said I'd come in. I sat them both down and said I didn't believe in hitting in any shape or form and from now on, when they decided they wanted to fight, it would be outside the house and supervised by me. They never had another fight..arguements, yes, fisticuffs, no. Their mother was eternally grateful. They both grew up to be fine young men.
Hope this helps a little.