Monday, June 20, 2005

They grow 'em big in Tennessee!

After work today, we went and picked up our pop-up camper and brought it back to the house. The neighbors had to come and see what was up, of course. So here we are, trying to figure out where all these poles go, and how the door slides in the track, etc. etc. We are such novices when it comes to this stuff. (I'm talkin' completely clueless here). LOL My neighbor Tocha, happens to look down at the back of the camper and starts just freaking out...she's screamin'..."oh my god, look at that!" "Get it, get it, get it!!!" I go over, and to my amazement there is this huge black furry spider. It was actually about the size of a nickel, but it had a segregated body, was very very furry, had what looked to be little fangs in front, a brown spot on it's back, and green eyes??? (Not sure about the eye part, but that's what it looked like). We doused it with starting fluid, and do you know, that thing wasn't even affected by it for a few minutes. It was walking around like nothing had even happened. (By the way, I have the biggest chills right now, just thinking about this thing). It finally started to shrivel up a bit, and then just died. I still have it outside, had to show the kids. Might have to take a pic, if I can find him in the morning. Anyhow, we also came to find out that this spider was about to have herself a couple hundred babies too. The spot she came from was loaded with an egg sac. When we first saw this thing, you couldn't see the eggs too clearly, but after spraying them, they all turned orange. Okay, say it with me now...ewwwwwww!!!

After getting over having the willies from this thing, I go into the camper. There isn't too much that really needs to be done in there. I'm going to wash the curtains, the floors, tables, and counters, not a big deal really. Nothing is too bad, at all. I thought I had pretty much given everything the once over, however there was a cupboard I forgot. Another very large spider was housed in this cupboard as well. Although this one was very different from the other, it was still scary in that it also had a segregated body and was the size of a half dollar. Ick. (Here are the chills again!) Needless to say, I haven't been back in the camper since, and don't really wanna go back until I'm content that it's completely bug free.

For those of you that don't know, this camper was from my dad, a month or so before he passed. He insisted that we bring it back here, when we came back from visiting him in March. And I've come to the conclusion, those were definitely not Michigan spiders...they came straight from Tennessee! =) They grow 'em big in Tennessee!

Night all.


Peanutt said...

Ok, um ewwww. You know how I feel about spiders!!!!!!! I'll never go into your camper. Ever. ;0)

Mama Duck said...

Ewwwwwie indeed!

Found you through Peanutt!

We recently moved to WI, but had lived in TX where tarantulas wander around freely. They're icky.

Christine said...

EEEEWWWWWW!!! Oh I hate spiders, and the bigger they are the more convinced I am that they will eat me!! And FURRY?!?! Forget it!

jlybn123 said...

LOL It was definitely a gross one!

Peanutt--I know you are lying about NEVER going into the camper...we are gonna bomb it! LOL

Mama duck--Hi there, and thanks for visiting. I don't think I could handle seeing tarantulas very often. I would probably hole up in the house, for the most part. Those would really gross me out.

Christine--Yes, the furry part gets me too.

Jennifer said...

Ewwww ewwwww ewwww! I have chill bumps. I feel creepy.