Monday, June 27, 2005

Busy days.

The past weekend was very busy and left me with no time to post.

Friday actually started out to be the day from hell. Brian and I weren't getting along very well, the kids were calling from home and had been fighting (one had a bloody nose as a result), upon walking back into work after dealing with that fiasco, we had toilet water flooding our back hallway, a doctor's office and an exam room. Ugh, ugh, ugh. After work, it started to get better though. I went home and picked up the kids. It was their dad's weekend and taking them there, went off without a hitch. After that, I met Peanutt at my house and we went for some marathon shopping and dinner. Her and I really need to do that more often...was so much fun. And dinner was AWESOME, (especially after being on our feet for so long). Shopping really takes a lot out of you. LOL

Saturday, Brian and I got up early and just loafed for a while. He had to run to his sister's and help her out. Her and her kids and hubby are moving. While doing that, he got called in to work for a while. I had my niece's graduation party to get to, and got ready for that and headed out with my sister, sister-in-law, and all their kids to the party. (Yes, there were 7 of us packed into my sister's Grand Marquis...looked similar to a clown car.) The graduation party turned out really nice, but it was just way too hot out. I didn't stay but for a couple hours, I just couldn't take the heat.

After that, we headed to the Dream Cruise, which is basically a local road that serves as a cruise for people to show off their beefed up or older cars. (I took lots of pics and will post those later.) Their was nothing "amazing" there, but it was fun to see anyhow. And no, we weren't like lots of those other people who were camped out there for the day. We found a good corner parking lot and sat inside the truck...air full blast the whole time. LOL I know we're wusses, but hey, it was roasting out! We had already lost enough electrolytes at the garduation party.

After the Dream Cruise, we decided to get a bite to eat. We decided on a new place, called Malarkey's. It's an irish pub type restuarant. It was filled to the brim with people our age (you know, in their 20's)! LOL Not! Anyhow, it was a nice place, the wait staff and bartenders were all younger, and very nice. The food was pretty good. I opted for the chicken caesar salad, he had the fish. We were very happy upon leaving. After getting home, we pretty much went right to sleep.

Yesterday, we got up around 8 and decided that even though we had another graduation party in the afternoon, we were gonna get some stuff accomplished around the house. I took the camper apart, cleaning every nook and cranny, vacuuming, scrubbing floors, spraying everything down with Febreeze. Brian decided that he wanted to make an attempt at "cleaning the garage". LOL MY garage mind you, has sort of become Bri's storage area. Not only does he have 2 waverunners on a trailer, but he also has 3 bikes, a wagon, 2 weedwhackers, battery charger, ropes, cables, tools, etc. Now I also have my own stuff; 3 bikes, pool stuff, potting soils, lawn mower, gardening tools, etc. This makes for a very clusterfu**ed garage, as you can imagine. So, as I said, he starts pulling all of this stuff out of the garage. My driveway is about full, it feels like a billion degrees out, we have sweat pouring off of us...this is when my brother decides to come over and 'check out the camper'. Ugh! While I'm totally grateful that he he come over to help us out with things we have questions about, it totally got us off track on what we started out doing. So, he leaves after about an hour and a half...we are totally runnin glate for the graduation party, it's getting hotter out by the minute, and we have this huge task ahead. We did dive in there and finish up what we could, we got 4 of 6 shelves completely cleared out, threw away enough to fill the back of the bed of Bri's truck, and used the blower to clear all the dust and stuff outta there. After doing that we decided we were heading to the lake for a while. I still feel bad about not going to the graduation party, but I was just too miserable and to think about sitting outside and not being in or near water, well I just couldn't even consider it!

Off to the lake we went! It was hazy and seemed to cool off a little bit by the time we got there, which made it even better. One of the waverunners was acting up, so we pretty much had to park that one and take turns on the newer one. I'm not crazy about the new one. Bri loves it, (it's turbo, he's a guy, need I say more?), but I could care less. I like the old 97 just as well. In between going out for runs, I spent my time laying on the beach and just people watching, or shutting my eyes and drifting off a bit. It was very busy there, tons of people, so I couldn't really really sleep, but it was nice kind of nice to tune out and just chill. After a few hours, we started hearing some rumbling of thunder and decided it was time to get out of there. Just as we had loaded up the waverunners and got in the truck and to the entrance of the park, it poured. I'm talking can't see 2 inches in front of you, pouring! LOL It only lasted about 5 minutes and then cleared. The sun was even shining during this whole downpour. (Never spotted the rainbow though, pout). We stopped for some dinner and then headed home.

By the time we got home and unpacked the truck and got inside to relax it was 10 p.m. and the kids were coming in. Just as they got in, we were just laying down and out goes the lights. That's always fun! Since we had no power, it's after 10, we all may as well just go to bed. So, Brian left and the kids and I just went to bed. The power came back on some time this morning. Thank goodness.

That about wraps it up. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


-xtessa- said...

you had quite a weekend there! i was just stuck here at home, in bed, trying to kill a virus with my fever!;)

jlybn123 said...

Sorry that your weekend didn't go so well!!! Hope you are feelin' better soon!!