Tuesday, July 31, 2007

13 years!

Today marks the 13th anniversary of my mom passing! It is weighing on my mind heavily and I think I might be paying a visit to the cemetary after work today! I think I need to...might clear my head a bit...



Thursday, July 26, 2007

What are the chances?

On Tuesday July 17th, Brian's dad went in for elective back surgery. We arrived at his house around 6:15 that morning. We were greeted by his sister Gayle, who told us that it wasn't such a good morning. Just as she said that, I started to hear some moaning coming from the bathroom. His mom was in there, standing in front of the mirror trying to put some makeup on. I could tell she was in a lot of pain. Gayle said that she had gone to the basement to look for her cell phone and winded up tripping. When Gayle got there and knocked on the door and nobody answered, she pulled out her key and went in. As she got through the door, she saw her mom at the top stair leading from the basement...crawling. She was telling Gayle to be quiet, "I don't want Bill to find out!" LOL Gayle says, "Mom, unless you make a miraculous recovery, dad's gonna find out!" She tripped over the cord for the iron, and said that she tried to just shake it off, but she couldn't put weight on it...she crawled halfway across the basement and then all the way up the stairs. Ugh.

So, we get his mom in a rolling chair, take her to the front door. From there Brian and his other sister Cindy take over and practically carry her to the vehicle. We pile in and head to the hospital. Bill walks in (mind you, he's the one actually having surgery), and we get a wheelchair for Wanda. Up to the surgical floor, Bill gets prepped and surgery is due to start at 9. Around 10, we say our goodbyes and his surgery is started. We are told it will be at least 3 hours, so we head to get some breakfast. After eating, we convince her that it would be a good idea to just get an x-ray, "just to have some peace of mind". After trying to maneuver in the restroom and being in lots of pain, she finally relents. But not after coming up with several excuses and wanting to brush it off...excuses like...I just jammed it, I will sit and soak in a hot bath tonight, I probably just pulled some ligaments, I will go tomorrow. It was truly like dealing with a child or a man!! LOL

Anyhow, after a small stint in ER and much speculation about what we really thought was going on...her doctor came in and delivered the blow. Wanda had fractured the head of her patella and would require surgery and pins to correct it. She was devastated. Here she thought that she could be there and help Bill recover from his surgery and now is told, that she'll be recovering from surgery as well. She feels like she has let him down and is just beside herself. Meanwhile, Bill is in surgery and has no idea what is happening. His surgery winds up taking almost 8 hours and it's almost 9 that evening, before we can even go in recovery and see him. Even at that point, he probably didn't even realize that we were there, due to him being overly sedated. At the same time, Wanda was being admitted and scheduled for surgery. At least they put them in the same room, which was nice. When Bill woke up the next morning, they pulled the curtain and she told him the news. His mental status hasn't been that great since the surgery, so who knows how much he really understood, but I think by now, he's gotten the gist of it.

It took them almost 2 days to get Wanda's surgery done, but she had it done around Midnight on the 19th and was transferred to rehab on the 21st. She is doing great, better and better everyday. Things with his dad have really been touch and go though. He developed a blood clot, they worried about seizures or a possible stroke. For days, he wasn't coherent, would mumble stuff all day long. He didn't eat anything for the first 5 days. It's been an uphill battle, that's for sure. But he is doing somewhat better. He can sit in a chair for a few hours, he can make some conversation, and is eating a lot better. They were talking about transferring him to the rehab clinic where his wife is today, but I don't think he's ready for that. He really can't do much of anything on his own yet. Hopefully soon...Wanda gave him the window view and is literally almost counting the seconds until she can see him again. That will be a sight to behold...

Will try and keep you updated....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am still here...

Yes, I am still around...just been absorbed in working, many graduation parties, weddings, and wedding showers. We have been on the run for the past few months and time has just kinda slipped away from me...

Last week we were supposedly on vacation, and while it was very nice. We had all 4 of the kids and were basically on the run then too. We did hit the pool a few times and also the lake for our first jet-skiing trip of the season...that was lots of fun. We also went to a bonfire at his sister's, to the drive-in (where everyone was sound asleep, not long into the second show), to a BBQ on the 4th and also took in the Tigers game in a suite with some fireworks too! I went and saw another movie with my sister and Brian actually spent our last day of vacation at work. They called him in at 4 a.m. because they had gone through the whole list and no one else would work. (Of course he shot out of bed, with dollars in his eyes...it winded up being 14 hours of double time!) LOL

This week, I'm just trying to get back in the swing of being back to work and we again have tons planned. Tomorrow is my oldest sons birthday...he is turning 14. Friday is Brian's birthday and also we are expecting a handful of friends and family over for the fireworks that night. On Saturday, it's yet another graduation party and a fireworks display that evening; with all the food you can eat, karaoke, and plenty for the kids to do. On Sunday, we got coupons for $5 wrist bands for unlimited rides at the carnival, so that is where we will be. I'm sure next Monday will be here before I know it and though we will have lots of fun...I don't think there will be any rest for the weary.

The kids are sucking up bigtime. Hoping for everything their little hearts desire for their respective birthdays. (The youngest has one in just 2 weeks, and I mentioned that Corey's is actually tomorrow.) I usually see their best behavior just before Christmas and their b-days! LOL

Brian and I haven't set a date to get married as of yet. Our plan is to take off to Vegas, with or without letting everyone know ahead of time, still not sure. His mother insists on having some sort of "party" when we get back, but it's not something that's truly necessary for me. He says that he wants to plan it and just surprise me, with everything already done. (Not much of a surprise, when he's already told me about it). But I think it's just a ruse to stall the whole thing until he's good and ready. Not sure.

Peanutt's dad seems to be doing better...all done with chemo and they are saying that his results look good. He still has some more testing to go through and possibly more treatment...but so far, so good.

That's about it for me...will try and stop in a little bit more!!! Hope everyone is doing well.