Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mama's little boys!

Here I sit feeling very sappy right now....thinking about the boys. I'm trying to hold back those silly mommy tears...but I think it's a fruitless effort...they are a comin'. I would just like to know where my "little" boys have gone???? Can anyone tell me that? I've been around them almost every day for their entire lives, and it's like one day, they're just "big". I was talking to my oldest tonight, and having what would pretty much qualify as an adult conversation with him. It's just bizarre. I was REALLY looking at Corey, critiquing him, I guess you could say...I noticed; his nose has gotten really slim, he's grown into his adult teeth, and he just looks like a big boy now. Waaahhhhh! What happened to his CHUBBY little cheeks, his full-o-baby-fat hands, and the numerous little rolls on his legs, that I remember so well? What happened to him speeding through the house on his official "police car" bumping into walls, and chipping up paint? And the times when we had to watch the Lion King 5 times in a day? Now it's talk about more grown up things. (But we do still sing really loudly to a good song playing on the radio in the car, and better yet, he does still call me "mama") At least I have that! LOL

I am very proud of who and what he stands for. He's a great kid! He does very well in school, loves to read and draw and play games. He's very good natured and mild mannered. (Though he does have his little "moments".) A day doesn't go by that he doesn't just walk by and say, "I love you, mama!" I'm very grateful for that.

And then there's Tyler...
He's a kid that has always given me a run for my money. He certainly keeps me on my toes...but I wouldn't have him any other way. He has seen a top-notch Neurologist and been diagnosed with ADHD (though Dr. Mom had diagnosed it about 3 years prior to that...LOL), but he has certain needs and issues that aren't always easy to deal with. He has almost no attention span, no fear, and he doesn't think past the moment at all. We have been through many temper tantrums, breath holding spells, and many many sleepless nights of high pitched relentless screaming, because he just didn't want to go to bed! (Those have long since ended, by the way) But it's all a part of what makes Tyler...Tyler! At almost 10-years-old, I still have to remind him of his manners, tell him to wash his hands, and I STILL have to tell him EVERY SINGLE DAY to throw his dirty clothes down the chute! But that's okay. He's mine and I love him. While everyone knows that he's very intelligent (we have an award ceremony for him next Weds for his academics), they might become a little perturbed at his restlestness, or inability to follow directions as well as other kids...there's a side of him, that not everyone else gets to see. That side that is reserved just for me. It's the side that, snuggles behind me on the couch and plays with my hair for what seems like hours, or rubs my back when he knows it's aching. It's the side of him that still loves to give his mommy hugs. The side that makes me fall in love with him, when 10 minutes ago he could have made me raging mad! Sometimes, only people that truly KNOW Tyler can see all the good that's locked away in there. I see it, and always have. Yes, he can frustrate me and give me a ton of gray hairs, (and near heart attacks, for that matter), but what a joy he can be, when HE wants to be. It's for that very reason that yesterday, even though I had just gotten ready for work...just did my hair, and got dressed in my unwrinkled clothes for work...I took one look at him laying in bed and crawled right in there with him...instead of saying, "hey buddy, it's time to get up"...I rubbed his back instead. My reward for that, was a precious smile from ear to ear, one that said "I love you, mom", without saying a single word. Now those are the moments! Those are the times that make being a mom the best job anyone could ever wish for.

My boys mean the world to me! I hope they get everything they want out of life, and then some. I hope they never want for anything and that they know, no matter how big they get, or how far away they move, I will always be there for them and I love them with all my heart.

Night boys, sweet dreams...mama loves you!!!

Well, I think my sappiness has now subsided a bit! Hope everyone has a good night!~


Dawn said...

they sound like great kids

jlybn123 said...

Thanks Dawn! They can be a handful at times...but I just adore 'em!

Peanutt said...

Oh my gosh, how funny! Last night I was going through and watching all the video we have of Nicholas as a baby and when he was two and Andrew was a baby! Yes, my eyes are REALLY puffy today from all the crying I did! And Nicholas 2nd birtday party at my Moms. You and the boys were there and seeing especially corey, so little! Yikes, I'm gonna cry again!! I was gonna blog about it too!!!
Nicholas' sweet little two year old voice when he used to call himself Ne-Ne! Awwwww!!!
Have a great day honey! Hope your sappiness goes away! Love ya!

jlybn123 said...

Yeah, looking at Corey yesterday, it just struck me how huge he is. Ugh! I can't take it!!! But all a part of mommy-hood, I guess. At least we have all those memories! Like Corey in the high chair at Pizza Hut...bubbling over his diaper with foamy green diarrhea! OMG that was one of the most embarassing moments ever! The floor was covered and I didn't even bring the diaper bag with me. Had to go in the bathroom and cover him with paper towels to make it back to Mike and Nay's house. Ewwwww! Or Tyler with his curls that I refused to cut for far too long...I knew they'd never be back once they got hacked! My family used to crack up at me over that one! LOL Oh well, they have to grow up sometime!

Have fun on your day to you soon!

Love ya!

Jennifer said...

Oh my. I had tears in my eyes reading this! must be a mama thing.

As you know mine is only 13 mths, but already I feel like time goes so quick.

jlybn123 said...

Time does fly by. Enjoy every moment with Colby!!!! (I know that you already do!) LOL

Wethyb said...

Oh man....I'm not looking forward to that! Gracie's only 4 mos. old and the time's already flying...but I'm enjoying every minute of it! Thanks for visiting my blog :)