Friday, September 30, 2005


Yeah, you know those days...the ones where you just KNOW upon waking, that you shouldn't even get out of bed! My first clue was when the alarm went off at 6 a.m. I got up to shut it off and immediately felt pain to the left side of my face. My sinuses are S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G!!!! With every inhaled breath I take, they feel like they are going to explode. The pain and achiness extends from my upper cheek, back towards my ear and even a little behind my eye. I honestly think I would allow someone to shove a needle into my cheek and drain fluid, if I were guaranteed relief right now!

To top things off, I had to really run around like a chicken with my head cut off to get ready this morning. Had to do laundry, pack the kids for the weekend and get myself and both of them ready...all in about an hour. I showed up to work about 6 minutes late (7:51 a.m.), notice the nurses car isn't here. We have patient's due in 9 minutes. I rush in; unlock doors, turn on the lights and computers, get the schedules ready, etc. By 8 I'm pretty much prepared for the day ahead. There's only one doc here, it shouldn't be too bad.

Around 5 minutes after 8, two patient's come walking in. Both say that they have appointments and that they've been waiting outside for me to get in, for about 10 minutes now. Been here, but whatever! The first one was the 8 am appointment, the other one was 8 am yesterday! I get today's 8 o'clock checked in, and talk to the other one about rescheduling. Ok fine, he aplogizes for messing up and coming on the wrong day, and leaves. Since the medical assistant still hasn't showed up, I take and weigh the other patient and get her in the room. I then come back to the front, answer the phone, and it's the assistant...she's in tears, saying that her brakes went out this morning and she didn't know if she could make arrangements to get in. The nurse calls immediately following my hanging up with the MA. I tell her what's going on, and she informs me that she has a meeting she forgot about, and won't be in until later...probably this afternoon. I'm on my own! Fun!

The very early part of the morning went well...nothing too earth shattering. Around 9-9:15, all hell broke loose. Phones started ringing off the hook. I had 2-3 people on hold at all times, for the better part of an hour. I also had to check in/out all patient's and continue to weigh them and put them in the room for the doc. She was also getting very bitchy and would just start ranting as soon as I'd walk the patients charts back to her. I decided I'd do the drop and run thing, for the rest of the day. I have enough to stress about at the moment and can't sit around listening to her, while I could be getting rid of the ringing phones.

Since I started typing this, it has mellowed dramatically. Maybe I've gotten past the worst of it. I've also taken some Advil Cold & Sinus and my face isn't hurting quite as badly. Thank you
Peanutt, for leaving me some of your stash! Love you!


I picked my car up yesterday and it really is purring like a kitten. My brakes are also waaaaaaaayyyyyy better! He also fixed all sorts of little things; replaced a bulb for the interior light, cleaned the whole engine, new plugs/wires, new belts. My brother told me he was pretty anal, but I had NO idea! LOL He made me a receipt that detailed every single part he bought, everything that still needed to be done, etc. I was really impressed by how thorough he was! He also wants me to bring it back next week, just so he can check the lugs and make sure they haven't loosened up any. Yay Wayne! He will definitely get lots of referrals from me.


My oldest son started band this year and he loves it! He picked the saxaphone and finally got to bring this huge contraption home this week. I showed up at the house Monday afternoon, to find him and 3 of his cronies, all with instruments in tow. I went into the house to make dinner, and after about 15 minutes, thought I was going to lose my mind! OMG! The sounds that were eminating from their instruments were A.W.F.U.L! He played every second that he possibly could...and even had very chapped lips by the end of the night!

I love that he has shown an interest in music and is trying. I love that he is excited about it and wants to learn something new. However, I don't love the pounding in my head when he plays his instrument. I see a script for Valium in my immediate future! LOL


Gone are the days where we will stay up until 3-4 in the morning on a work night, so that Brian and I have, "our time". I've been barely able to hold my eyes open past 9-9:30 lately! What a loser, eh? He has stayed with me every night this week, showering and grooming just before bed, with high hopes of us maybe heating things up a bit...HASN'T HAPPENED! While this is a very new trend, he is none too happy about it.

Last night, for example, he goes to take a shower about 10:30. While in there, I was in bed trying with all my might to just hold my eyes open. I managed, until he turned the shower off, then I must have dozed off. I was startled by him just a minute later, peeking his head into the bedroom and saying, "oh good, you're still awake!" (Yes, he was very surprised to see this!) Little did he know, that him opening the bathroom door is what jolted me out of my little slumber. LOL I saw the giddiness on his face too...a fleeting moment of pure joy and happiness. I managed to stay awake for another minute or so, while he brushed his teeth and happily jumped into bed beside me. He then turned on some Ultimate Fighting show and immediately, it was lights out for me. I was snoring in less than a minute, he said!

I feel really bad for neglecting him like that. But goodness, I really am exhausted. I've been back to work just a few weeks now, I have to get up more than an hour earlier than I'm used to, and my body is obviously tired of staying up until 12 or later, every single night. Tonight we have a little date, and are heading to a nearby Apple Festival (weather permitting). Let's see if I can do that and then stay awake until 11 or so, and show my man the love that I'm too tired to express!

Have a great weekend all!

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