Sunday, October 02, 2005


Ok, so this is our Chex Mix endorsement. Didn't plan on it being, but obviously he couldn't rip himself from the bag even long enough to take a picture!

As you can see from this pic, he is sporting a small spare tire...(mine is carefully hidden, thank goodness.) As his mother says, we must be very "happy", to both be putting on so much weight! Ugh!

This next one displays how we are coping with the weight gain and trying with all our might to, "work off the Chex Mix". Now these are some aggresive aerobic maneuvers, you probably shouldn't try this at home!

If anyone needs any guidance on how to lose that spare tire hanging around your waist, just ask! As you can see, I'm working hard at it! Ok, well not so much, but it was one of the most relaxing days of the summer, and I loved every minute of it! Gone are the hazy, lazy days of summer! Miss them already! I have that same spot resered for next year though! Can't wait!

Night all! Off to do what I should actually be doing, instead of this! =)~~

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