Sunday, September 11, 2005

Some vaca pics.

Dale Hollow lake. The view from the rt side of the boat.

The view at the end of the cove where we parked our boat.

Sunrise on the first morning!


Laura said...

Wow! These are gorgeous!! Where is it?

-xtessa- said...

is that sunset or sunrise?;) well, whatever it is, it's stunning!

Anonymous said...


jlybn123 said...

Don't know how the doubles came up, but I corrected it! (Dial-up sucks!) LOL

Will post more later!

cmhl said...

hey, just surfing through & found your blog, and you are at MY lake!!! my favorite lake in the whole state!!!!!

beautiful, isn't it?

jlybn123 said...

cmhl--OMG! I loved it there. Was very sad to leave! We will be back next August, already reserved the house boat!

jlybn123 said...

Very nice pictures! And yes, Peanutt has stolen your blog for the moment!