Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Tonight my sister called to inform me that my brother went into the hospital some time yesterday afternoon. He has diverticulitis and has been hospitalized once before for it. I guess he wasn't feeling good on Monday and when his wife got home from work yesterday, he was doubled over in pain. Right now they have him really doped up and said that he's pretty badly infected, but that he may be able to go home as early as tomorrow evening. They also said that he should probably start considering the surgery to correct it, because he's running the risk of a bowel perforation, if he doesn't! Big decision to make because it involves a bag for 3 months until they can go back in and reverse it.

I feel so bad for him. Wish there was something I could do. Going to try and leave work for a while tomorrow and go visit him. May head up after work too.

So hey, cross your fingers and say a little prayer for us that everything turns out okay! Thanks! =)

Goodnight everyone!

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