Monday, July 25, 2005

Puking, pain, and the boat trip!

All last week, I was anxiously awaiting Friday night! I had decided early in the week, that I would be going out with my sister, instead of hanging out with Bri and his kids for the night. I figured that I had no kids, why should I stay home??? By Friday night I was feeling extremely tired, but I decided I was going out anyhow! I tried laying down for a while before leaving out, but kept getting interrupted and finally said the heck with it! I also had no dinner, because I was afraid of the nausea that usually accompanies eating anymore, and thought I was good because I did eat lunch at work pretty late.

I went and picked up my sister around 9. We played a few games of darts, had a few drinks. The waitress also said that we can get our drinks by the pitcher, and that it much much cheaper. I said, "sure, why not". Bad move. The pitchers were not your usual huge pitchers, but probably did give you around 2 1/2 -3 drinks worth. I drank that, along with the other 2 I had previously, and a shot. My other sister showed up around then, along with our friend Robin, who wanted to go to a different bar. My oldest sister had just one drink in her, so we decided she would drive us to the other bar.

When we got there, it was packed, though we found a table that would fit all of us. We sit down and order a round. Everything is just fine and dandy. I'm feeling great, having a good time, and finally just chilling and letting loose a little. Around 1:30, my sister and I head to the bathroom...everything is still just fine. We walk out of there and head back to the table and it just hit me like a mack truck. The nausea that hit me, was unbelievable. My oldest sister took one look at me and said, "you are sick, aren't you?" I said, "yep, I HAVE to go home NOW!" She told everyone that she would be back to get them as soon as she could, and we were out the door. She said that I turned from absolutely fine to pasty white within a matter of seconds. On the way home, I had to make her pull over and I was sick as hell! (She didn't really help by gagging with me was only making it worse...but awww, she was trying so hard to be there for me...LOL) After that, I felt almost 100% better and just couldn't wait to crawl into bed and pass right out. Only problem was, that when I actually crawled into bed, it only made me feel sicker! LOL Yes, I was sick again and again. Was not a fun night! I think I finally got to bed around 3 a.m.

Just a word of advice for those out there with kidney stones...DRINKING IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!

Saturday morning, Brian was at the house before 9. We had planned on going to the lake for the day, only I really didn't feel up to it! Wonder why?! LOL I did force my still half drunk self up, washed my face, brushed my teeth and hair, got dressed, and we left. I'm really glad I pushed myself into going, it turned out to be one of the most relaxing days I've had, in a very long time. I did have some pain for a while, but I lazed around sort of drifting in and out of sleep (well, as much as you can drift off, with a million people around), and when I got up, I felt much better.

Yesterday I slept in until 10, and only got up then, because the phone was ringing. We had a meeting at 3 for our boat trip, and a ton of running around to do before going there. So, I pretty much had to just get up and get ready to go. I got no cleaning or laundry done. Awww...isn't that a bummer? (And yes, my dryer was finally installed on Friday, and I love it!)

The boat meeting went well, we decided on what we were going to eat for the 10 days we are there, and made up grocery lists for before and during the trip. We also decided where everyone was going to sleep. The boat has 6 bedrooms, (some of which, aren't too big!) Brian offered for us to sleep in the smallest one, (also referred to as the playpen, cuz it's so tiny). He's 6'3",and that should be really fun, considering they say you can barely stand upright in it! Oh boy!

That's about it for my weekend. Hope everyone had a good one and a has a good Monday!


Peanutt said...

All I think I can say is Y-I-K-E-S. At least you made it out of the bar before you puked!! Nights like those usually stop the "going out" urge for a long time! LOL, I think other peoples experiences are making me less prone to not drink! LOL. least you feel better today!

Cty said...

I think everybody can sympathize with you on the drinking/puking mess that can be an unfortunate side effect of having "a good time." At least it always gets better the next day.

Jennifer said...

ahhhh the "I drink to much and now my good night when bad" story.

glad you had a good day after the night of puke!!

Chief Slacker said...

Were you trying to just pop that stone right out or what? I'm suprised with the ressure that liquor binge had to create that you didn't pop!

jlybn123 said...

Peanutt--I'm glad I made it out of there without doing the deed too. How embarassing that would be! LOL

Cty--Yeah, the next day I was much better, just filled with regret over allowing myself to get that way.

Jennifer--I shoulda known!

Chief--Wish it would pop right Wouldn't that be nice?

Melissa said...

WOW! I hope to never again get drunk enough to puke. It's not very much fun!