Thursday, July 21, 2005

The no dryer blues and playing in the rain.

Yes, I am still without the use of a dryer! We did pick it up from the is sitting in the basement...but it has not been hooked up as of yet. His cousin was doing an A/C job and was just not able to get over there yesterday, as we had planned. We actually have a dinner date tonight, so we can't have him come we wait until after work tomorrow.


Yesterday, I played in the rain, until I was drenched from head to toe. I recommend it for every adult, every once in a great while. Here is why...

A while back, Brian and I decided to try and fix the lawn in my backyard. (Yes, big emphasis on the word "try" here). We put down compost, we seeded, we even fertilized, we watered daily and up grew nothing but nice, beautiful, very healthy and hearty weeds! Since Brian's job requires that he do restorations of properties where they have fixed water main breaks and dug up their yards to do so, he also must visit the sod farm. When they have leftovers, they can do whatever they'd like with the remaining sod. He has been bringing a little here and there and patching up our little weed gardens. Yesterday, he brought the remainder of what we needed and decided to finish up last night. As we went out to get started, it really looked stormy out, but he was really determined to get this finished. We start hauling all these rolls of sod from the side of the house, to the back. Of course, it starts pouring. I figure once he transfers them, he will be done for the night but, oh no, he figures it's as good a time as any, and he'll stay cool in the process. I stayed out helping for as long as I could, and I must say, not only was it refreshing, but it was kinda fun. I remember playing in the rain as a kid, and I LOVED it. Granted, this wasn't as much fun as it was way back when, I was covered in mud and filth, but the concept was still the same. This now will be a requirement for me, every now and then. So what that I'm an adult, so what that it totally wigs out my hair, so what that I will have to take the time to shower for the 2nd time in one's awesome to be a kid for even a few minutes and totally worth it! When was the last time you played in the rain, or did something that brought you right back to your childhood?

We also sucked it up and went on a quest to find a new remote for the TV. Silly kids! They swear they just have no idea where it has gone. Yeah right! Anyhow, we just bought a cheapie universal and I swore that I'd hide it before leaving for work, so they don't "lose" it again. (Yes, I already forgot to do that this morning! LOL) That trend really lasted!

I also got Corey the new HP book at target yesterday. He was so excited and surprised. I love that look on their faces, when you do something that they just think is, "the bomb". LOL He sat on the porch for hours reading. I think he said he got to page 131! Go Corey! And yes, I am now "cool mom" once again! (This will last about a day).

That's about all for now. Hope everyone has a great day!

P.S. Remember to comment about the last time you played in the rain or did something very child like! LOL


Melissa said...

I love being in the rain. If I'm buying groceries and have to walk out in the rain, I try to just enjoy it. It's really refreshing!

-xtessa- said...

okay, does arguing with my daughter count as childlike?;) you see, i remember being "tortured" by my two elder sisters and they would always stick out their tongues and make faces whenever i try to talk. well, i sometimes do that to anya... that way she's not deprived of the experiences of having an annoying elder sibling. ehehehehe!

jlybn123 said...

Melissa--I forgot how much fun it could be. Glad I got a reminder.

Xtessa--Yeah, I think that would constitute as being a little child-like! Way to go girl!!!

TrueJerseyGirl said...

I am a Jersey Girl and had big hair from about age 8 till age 18, so there was NO playing in the rain for me! I can't ruin my hair!!!!

But girl, I am childish all the livelong day.

Carmi said...

I love to stand in the rain, tilt my head back and open my mouth wide. I'm sure I end up drinking in acid rain, but that doesn't seem to matter to our kids. They think it's a hoot that their Dad can throw caution, literally, to the wind.

I hope they always feel comfortable doing the same thing. That's what life should be all about.

Leesa said...

I ran through the sprinklers with the dog!! We have a big hairy dog and he gets really hot, so I turned on the sprinklers thinking he could play in those and cool off. He didn't get it. So OF COURSE I had to show him!

Mama Duck said...

The rain does indeed sound fun!

The last time I did something childlike? Hee hee...everyday my friend, everyday.

jlybn123 said...

Jersey--you were worried about your hair at age 8??? I could care less at that age! LOL

Carmi--I think you still have kid in you somewhere! Def. a good thing!

Leesa--That's close enough to playing in the rain!

Mama--That's the spirit!