Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hodge podge.

I haven't really felt like taking the time to actually post anything of significance lately. I guess I've been a bad, lazy, blogger. I'm sowwy! Really, there hasn't been anything that earth shattering to write about, but here is what's been going on.

The day after getting home from camping, in my attempt to get my never-ending mountain of laundry complete, my dryer went out. It was running and getting hot, but I discovered (after running the towels for 2 cycles), that the drum was not spinning at all. So, for almost 2 weeks now, I've had to take my clothes to Brian's and my sister's house to get them dried. Ugh. Thank goodness Brian's cousin works with appliances, he came over the other day to check it out. Apparently, the bearings are shot, which would be around $90 (at cost) for Chuck to fix. Not a problem, he said he would be happy to do it...but my dryer is 20 years old. I really don't feel like spending almost $100 on something that old. Yes folks, I had to go get us a new dryer. But that's okay, I'm happy with what I chose and I'm sure it will make my life a little less harried. I got the largest capacity dryer (7.1 cubic feet), which also has a nice tumble feature that will not allow your clothes to sit and wrinkle if you don't get to them right away. (That feature is a must for me). Now of course, the salesman assured me that I will be soooo happy with this dryer. Well, I pick it up today, and I better be, or I will come back and see you Mr. Salesman. LOL

The kids have been a slight handful, as usual. I have had to really be on their cases lately, which always makes me feel bad but geesh, get a clue kids! When I walk in from work, it's something new every day. Yesterday, we could not find the remote to the TV in the livingroom. We searched high and low, it still hasn't turned up. We were also missing Max's bowls. Yes, they were all playing in the basement and took them downstairs with them. I also had every light in the basement left on...(we're talking 6 lights here). My electric bill should be nice! Ugh. I realize these are all pretty little, petty things, but come on's all common sense. I'm sure the remote will eventually show's probably outside somewhere, or they broke it, and hid it carefully. Who knows? I guess I'm just aggravated by it all!

Corey also got really upset with me this week, because he will not be going on a trip to Washington with the scouts. He tried pushing all the blame on me, even stating that it was, "all my fault". When in fact, he can also look at his father, who is equally responsible for him not going. I explained all of this to him, in an adult manner. Without accusing anyone, or pointing fingers. I was only being factual, and trying to make him understand that I'm a single mom, doing my very best to make it on my own, with very minimal help from his father. It didn't seem to make things any better. I feel really bad that he isn't going, but you know, if his dad would help out in the way that the court has deemed he should, the kids and I would be a little better off. (He is responsible for a measley amount of child support and also 56% of uncovered medical, including prescriptions, and daycare expenses. The only thing he pays, is his very small amount of support, and that's only because the judge will ship him off to jail, if he doesn't). I feel like I just can't win!

On a good note, our trip to the lake yesterday was very therapeutic! We went to Wamplers Lake, which is about an hour and 10 minutes from us. I had never been there before, but was really glad I got the chance to check it out. It's a bigger lake than our usual spots and very very beautiful. With it being a slightly bigger body of water, the waves are MUCH bigger. There weren't too many people out there, and some parts of the water were very calm, but Brian found some REALLY big waves to jump. He makes me a nervous wreck, so I did have to try and stay away from him and just do my own thing on the other side of the lake, keeping an eye on him from time to time. I'm not a dare-devil on the water, I value my life too much! Not that I won't have fun, but I'm not getting thrown off, without it being my own doing!!!! LOL

This weekend and next are already crammed full of events, there is no rest for the weary! LOL Although this Saturday, weather permitting, we are heading out to the lake for the day. Sunday is a meeting for our August boat trip, to discuss; meals, who is responsible for what while there, etc. etc. Next weekend, we have a pig roast all day on Saturday and a family reunion on Sunday. My ex is also taking my kids for that following week and Brian and his kids are heading up north, I will be free as a bird. No kids and no Brian. Think the break from everything will certainly do me good. Will keep you posted, when the time comes.

Well, that's about it. And I thought I didn't have much to say! LOL What a novel.


Chief Slacker said...

sounds like you're having fun in all! Way to make sure to pack a bunch of good times into a summer :O)

TrueJerseyGirl said...

Wow, that's alot to say for having nothing to say! I wish I had a big dryer like that...

jlybn123 said...

Chief--I'm trying to make the best of the summer! =)

Jersey--I said that, at the end of the post. I sure can ramble! LOL

Peanutt said...

The new dryer will be nice! Just sucks to have to spend the $$$.
Its funny because I wouldn't think Corey would actually start taking on the typical 'teenager' traits, but yes, it sounds as if he has already begun! Just keep in mind the fights that you had with your Mom and stand your ground like Warden Jordan did! God how she is missed. I was actually looking at her picture just yesterday!
And since when did summertime become toomuchtodotime? LOL, I guess its definitely the season to get out and do it! But you know me, I'm a fall fan...except for all those leaves I get in my yard!