Friday, July 29, 2005

Just plain "shitty"!

Yes, today I am going to change my mood on my blog, to shitty! I mean this literally and figuratively! Gross, eh? (Yes, I know that this surely qualifies as TMI or too much info). However, here is my plight...

I found out recently, that I have kidney stones (again). In my plight to find out what is wrong, I have seen; my primary care, a surgeon, I've been to the ER and today, I get to have an IVP test done. I'm almost at the end of my rope.

I'm not imagining this dull ache in my back, that can suddenly go from an ache where it feels like someone has punched you in the back, to this intense sharp pain (that's sort of like a running cramp, but sharper than that), that goes from just below my right rib cage and wraps around to the front, in a matter of minutes. When it hits, it normally starts off dull and ends up intense, it lasts for sometimes up to several hours and there is just nothing that makes it better. (Changing positions, medication, heat, etc.)

I've also recently been plagued with nausea, which also is very unpredictable and pretty much causes me to rarely eat breakfast or lunch. It's just easier that way! Who likes to be nauseated all day at work?

So, I finally get a diagnosis and am somewhat relieved because at least I know what is plaguing me! But I should have known, nothing can be that simple in my life.

The other day, I spoke to the urologist, who seems to think that I shouldn't have any pain with the stones, since they are still located in the kidney. He thought my next step should be an IVP test, to try and get a better look at the kidney, urinary tract, and bladder. So in preparation for this test, I have had to be on clear liquids since 12 noon yesterday, take citrate of magnesia (which clears out your system...yummy), and today I'm not supposed to even drink anything (but sips of water as needed). Now what I find to be so ironic is that what causes kidney stones, is dehydration...and yet, for this test, that is precisely what they want me to do to myself. LOL Seems kind of odd but, whatever!

So yes, this has my panties in a bunch...I'm hungry (and want a ham sandwich with mayo and cheese), I'm thirsty (and long for a cup of coffee with vanilla creamer), and I'm "shitty" to top it all off! Hope this test is worth all of this "shit"! LOL

Grrrr....anyone wanna mess with me today???? I think not!


Marti said...

boy that stinks! i would be sipping on a glass of wine or a margarita...instead of water. i know, i know, thats against doctors oders but it would cure the hunger, quench the thirst and for the least they would be more bearable.

hope everything comes out all right.

ok i know thats enough but couldnt resist. seriously i hope that you get the results needed from the tes, get an answer to your question and treatment for the pain.

hi from michele.

TrueJerseyGirl said...

I won't mess with you!

At least you know what is wrong now and hopefully they can get it all sorted out for you. That sucks, though!

-xtessa- said...

poor jlybn... *hugs*

i'll keep in my prayers tonight hoping that everything works out in the end.;)

KGrams said...

I just found your blog from a reply you left on my little sis's blog (Confessions of a spoiled brat).

I know this is not funny, but I couldn't help myself, you had me laughing so hard.

OK, I'm better now and I definitely will not mess with you. I won't leave any "Shitty" puns either. Just a note to say I hope all goes well.