Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Woah...stop the train...I'm getting off!

I knew today was gonna be crazy. We have 5 docs in at work, and that pretty much means non-stop action. I came in about 7:25 and had a note on my phone saying that there were saved messages on voice mail. When I picked up those messages, I knew my fate was sealed. Both of the messages were from PITA's (pain in the asses). The first being from a patient that ALWAYS cancels her appointments at the last minute, or just plain doesn't show...the second was a patient that has been calling EVERY SINGLE DAY for days on end, with the same message. Ugh, ugh, ugh! LOL

At about 7:45 it got even better, when a driver brought in a group home patient who was not on our schedule for today. It showed he had an appointment at another office on 4-21, but did not show. He was insistent that he made the appointment for 8:20 this morning! I told him that I would have to talk to the doctor, and it was up to her, because she had a full schedule...he then turned around and left. Without the patient!!! Now, this is a group home patient....I'm thinking, "What the hell are you doing dude?" It blew my mind. I went and talked to the doctor who said the only time she had today was 11:40...ugh again! We got the phone number of the driver from the patient, good thing he is not so impaired that he couldn't relay phone numbers to us. The driver then came back and was of course, totally belligerent with me...talking to me like I was the scum of the earth and not doing my job. ::Groan:: Anyhow, bottom line is that he will have another driver bring the patient back at 11:40, and the patient will be seen. (We are also getting his supervisor's name and calling or writing to the center where he works!) Ahhhh...that gives me some satisfaction!

And the day goes on...LOL I think it's gonna be a day to remember! LOL

Last night was a little stressful at home! Tyler, the youngest, was apparently acting up in music class yesterday. His teacher called and left a message on the recorder saying that he apparently did not want to participate, he was pretending to bite other classmates, scooting around in a chair all over the class, hiding under a chair...shall I even go on? Geez, what am I gonna do with him? He of course doesn't mention this to me at all when I go to pick him up from school. He gets home and goes running next door to play...like all is well! I get the message, and call him in to "discuss" it...he acts as though he did nothing wrong. Some days, I just really don't know what to do with that boy! I ended up talking to him about his behavior, told him that was not AT ALL acceptable, that he WILL offer and apology to his teacher today, and that he was basically grounded to his room for the time being. He also got to do his week's worth of homework, LASTNIGHT! I just called and left a message for his teacher. I want to follow up and make sure that Tyler gave him the apology that he deserves, and that the teacher contact me immediately, if there are any more issues.

The oldest, Corey, was introduced to the lawnmower yesterday. He did pretty good, for his first time. Though he had a little bit of a problem with missing some of the edges, he would turn back around and go over them again. I was pretty impressed with his performace overall. When he finished, he told me what hard work it was! LOL Now he feels my pain! I think I owe him a big ice cream or some money for that...the boy may actually start getting an allowance if he keeps up on this task! (Which I'm going to make sure that he does!)

The dog was literally FREAKING OUT lastnight. Out of the blue, he started barking and growling and would not stop! I still have no clue what the problem was, but he kept looking at the back door and freaking. At one point, he jumped up on the couch with me (which he has never done before), he laid down next to me and just continued growling and panting like he had just run for miles. Eventually he mellowed but it still has me scratching my head as to what was up. Was very strange. This morning he seemed fine...his usual self. Wierd!

Ok, that's about it for now. Off to get some more work done here cuz it's hopping!!


Peanutt said...

The trials and tribulations of Tyler. The story that will never end! At least you know where the gray is coming from! LOL.

As for Max, maybe its mice. I think I should give you some "used" cat litter (I know its gross but people say it works!) to put in your garage somewhere! Hell! Maybe I'll just give you my cats all together! That will definitely solve the problem! LMAO! I just wonder what is so fascinating about your garage?

Corey does deserve something for the lawn he had to cut yesterday! I saw it, and phew it was hard work for me too! LOL J/K. It really wasn't bad! Just those damned dandelions that is a perpetual problem for anyone who owns a lawn!

jlybn123 said...

Yeah, Tyler will be Tyler! He has probably put a good portion of the gray hairs up there! LOL

The mice seem to have retrated. We caught 7 in the garage and (knock on wood), I think they might be gone. Who knows? They do seem to enjoy the garage!

I'm definitely going to show my appreciation to Corey, for his hard work. He really is a good kid! At least we all seem to have one of each! I think Kris has 2 "challenging" ones. Poor her. Is there a support group for that? LOL


Jennifer said...

Wow. What a day. We all have those I guess.

As for the kids, I like the idea of Colby Grace doing work around the house one day. To bad it's still years off. I could use some cheap labor around the house!

Kay said...

Geesh! You sound like a busy woman! What is it about kids that can make us so gray?!