Sunday, May 15, 2005

Weekend escape.

This morning I woke up feeling totally relaxed and ready to clean house and get to the mountains of laundry that face me. I guess it's because yesterday, we completely blocked out the world. I got up early to go to the salon and get my hair cut. When I got home, I did absolutely nothing at all. Brian and I napped until about noon. We ate a little lunch, and then napped some more. I woke up and made us some dinner (pork chops on the grill, carmelized sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and herb and garlic rolls). It was wonderful! We did actually get out for a few, to go rent a movie. (Ocean's twelve) We came back, and both fell asleep watching that. That was it for our day. LOL

Granted, it was a semi nice day out. There was some rain, but the sun kept peeking through. There were lots of things that we could have done. But I am so happy we didn't. It was great to just have a day of peace and to do whatever we wanted to do. Now I will pay for it, because my house has suffered somewhat and as I said before, there are mountains of laundry to do...but that's okay...I have all day to finish all of that...and I will.

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend! That's it for now...gotta get to work...LOL


Peanutt said...

Get that damned grass cut!!!!!!!!!!!!! =;)

jlybn123 said...

LOL...It got done, even though I was ready to fall on my face!