Monday, May 23, 2005

Just a Monday.

Today is the typical Monday...well, pretty much. Work is actually much quieter than usual. Hopefully it stays that way. It's one of those days where cuddling up in bed would be really nice...the alarm went off way too early for me. LOL I was enjoying my slumber very much, and was sleeping so hard, that I started to incorporate the song playing on the radio right into a dream. Didn't care much about getting ready this morning once I did get up, and you can certainly tell. I look HORRID! I think another shower is in order tonight. (If I don't plan on going RIGHT home and not leaving again). Oh well, it's just work.

Have a ton to do this week before we leave for up north on Friday. Not only have to get myself ready for going away, but have to prep the kids for being with their...well, ummm...their dad, for 4 days. My oldest actually has a fishing tournament with his uncle, so he won't be with HIM for the full 4 days. By the way, everyone cross your fingers for him...first prize is about $1,400 for this tournament. He would be so excited. Oh my, I hope he wins.

My favorite aunt, the one that I blog about, was here over the weekend. I didn't even know that she was up, my sister was trying to tell me the other night, as my cell phone decided to lose signal and cut us off. I happened to stop over there, and got to see her for a bit yesterday, which was nice. I also really need to set aside some time to go up and see her. She's having a really hard time with my dad passing. Don't know if I explained the whole situation with her, but she's all alone now that my dad is gone. Her husband, (who was my dads bro), passed away last March, of cancer. She was really struggling with that, and starting talking to my dad a lot. To her, he was the ONLY one who could really understand exactly how she was feeling, because of him losing my mom 10 years prior. My dad helped by just knowing how she felt and by pushing her to do things that she never would have done by herself. This past year, they spent lots of time together...her commuting back and forth from Michigan to Tennessee. They inevitably became best friends. My dad gets ill and diagnosed with cancer, you know the rest. During my dad being ill, her youngest daughter also moved out of the house, so she is really ALONE now!! I wish she were closer, but I am going to have to set some time aside to spend with her. I miss seeing her all the time, was something I really got used to!

Left work for a while today, just to get a FEW things from Target! Bad move!!!! It would seem that I'm really in the shopping mood, as I walked out of there $168 poorer. Ugh!!! How does that happen??? I could have stayed there for hours, just poring over everything. Maybe I've squashed the shopping bug...we'll see. LOL

Off for now...bye bye.


Peanutt said...

I'd have to say you'll probably see Aunt Gay more than before. She'll probably make quite a few trips down here as well!

I'd bet my money on your shopping bug not being squished! Target is definitely not the store to run to when you only need 5 items!!!!

LOL, been there, done that!


jlybn123 said...

I hope to see her lots!!! Really do miss her. That was my cousin Pam calling earlier, to try and plan a get together for all of us this summer! That should be nice.

My shopping bug had better be over...can't keep doing that! Tsk tsk!