Friday, May 27, 2005

I deserve it, don't I?

Ok, for the second and hopefully the last time today (since my whole blog wiped out from trying to bold something) goes!

I was just reading Jersey Girl's post from yesterday and something struck me! I realized the probable reason for something that has been happening to me lately. She was talking about how, since she has become a mommy, she has to really rationalize when it comes to shopping. How she always has a conversation in her head, while looking and considering buying things that might be a little frivolous! I do the very same thing!

I have been very bad lately, where shopping is concerned. I don't know what has actually triggered this shopping trend, but geesh, I just can't seem to stop it! I try to tell myself, "hey self, you deserve this shirt (or whatever) because the ex took your whole wardrobe when you left". Not really a valid excuse, is it???

So, to give you somewhat of an idea of what I'm talking about, here is a list of JUST the new things (tags still on) in my suitcase right at this moment:

*Red wrap-around shirt
*White beaded seersucker shirt
*Peach Tommy shirt
*Pink v-neck with front ties
*Rose/beige floral spaghetti strap shirt
*Orangish yellow square neck shirt

*1 hot pink skirt
*2 pairs capri jeans

*2 lacy bras
*1 camisole with matching boy shorts

*1 pair white small heeled sandals with a small flower on the toe
*1 pair beige sandals with a little bow
*1 pair black flip flops

*1 silver necklace with a flower charm
*1 silver necklace with a heart
*3 bangle bracelets

*new shades

I think I might need to start seeking help for this little addiction, when I return from my trip. Can anyone relate to this at all? I do think I know the reason for it though...when I was married, I had to account for EVERYTHING that I spent (I'm talking EVERY THING too). He was such a penny pincher! While that is not necessarily always a bad thing, come on now. Why should I have to explain why I'm going to get some new undies???? Those are the kind of things that are just needed every now and then. Get a life, a**hole! I think it was just a control thing. He felt the need to control everything...and that folks, is the biggest reason why he is now the EX-HUSBAND!

It's very nice to not have to worry about accounting for anything, that I don't want to, anymore. I feel like such a big girl now! LOL Just not used to this...I was married at age 19...have never been out on my own. Moved right from the parents house to the ex-husbands. (I should have gotten a clue that something was wrong, when I was crying on the honeymoon!) Live and learn.

My new found freedom feels great and I hopefully will mellow out on my shopping excursions soon! If not...there has to be help out there! LOL So, fess up fellow bloggers...what's your current vise????

Ok, this is it...I'm outta here and on the road in a few!! Told you I'd get one more post in here! LOL Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!! See ya soon!! =)


Bumbling Bav said...

I have clothing in bags on the top of the closet and clothing hanging with tags still on. My husband does not care! You and I should get together and try to support each, after I go shopping this evening!


Tisane For One said...

I am still trying to stop the justification process - this month has been a step in the right direction though. I spent almost 3 times as much as my recommended monthly allowance for clothing. Hubby did not care though, in fact, told me I deserved it so that's very nice indeed :-)
I hope your weekend has been fabulous!

Cy said...

My current "vise"? Oh, goodness - I have several, mostly my longstanding one - Halloween.

I think I broke it down last year, and figured out that over the entire year I spent around 4K on Halloween and Halloween accessories (said in the voice of Hank Hill "propane and propane accessories.")

This doesn't count my tie and cologne fetishes.

Jennifer said...

This is something I am trying to work on. Shop more. I am super duper fruggle. Maybe some of your bad habbit will rub off on me?

Catwoman said...

Hmmm. Can't say I really have a bad shopping vise. I love looking at new electronic gadgets but usually they are way out of my price range to be buying many of them. I guess I am pretty bad in a bookstore though. I can spend hours in one and if I have money, I'll definitely buy books, even if I didn't go in there looking for a particular book.

jlybn123 said...

I guess we all have our could be worse, I suppose...if that's the worst of it, then we aren't really that bad after all! And thanks to those who share in my pain! LOL

(And Jen, I've heard about your frugal side!!! Let go sometimes girl!!)