Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Much better and the babysitter is FIRED!!!

Feeling much better today. Nobody beating me in the head with a hammer...LOL Ended up leaving work around 3 yesterday because I was feeling very lightheaded and nauseous. Went home to try and sleep the feeling off...didn't happen. I laid in bed for about 1 1/2 hours and just could not sleep. Decided I was gonna feel crappy whether laying around or being up and about, so I did get up and get a few things done around the house. Finally ate a little bit and took a handful of Motrin, and viola...I felt better! Woo hoo!!! Thank goodness for drugs and my miracle pancakes...LOL

Today, not only am I feeling better but it is actually halfway decent out to's been mighty gloomy around these parts since Sunday. However, the forecast for the rest of the week isn't too promising. Of course we are planning on heading north for the weekend, which will be slightly cooler than it is here. Not good with rain in the forecast, as we were planning on hitting Mackinac Island on Saturday. Those plans may be squashed, but at least we will be getting away for 3-4 days. That much will be nice. We are also planning on hitting the casino at least one of those nights...doesn't need to be nice out for that! ::wink wink::

This morning I noticed my youngest has a good sized scab on his elbow. I asked him where he got that from...(I didn't know of any boo-boos happening on any of my mommy shifts lately). Apparently, while Peanutt and I were at the baby shower on Sunday and Brian was on kid duty: my beautiful and wonderful children had an altercation resulting in a serious boo-boo that wasn't kissed or treated with antibiotic cream. How does something like this happen???? When I got home on Sunday, I asked Brian how the kids had been while I was gone, this is his reply..."They were good, except one time, when I heard them raising their voices and arguing with each other". I say, "Well, what did you do?", he says "I just kept an ear out, and let them handle it on their own." He did also throw in that, "I think that Tyler got a little upset though, I heard him crying and slam his door!" Ok, tell me mommies...isn't crying usually an indication of 'hey, maybe I should get up and check out what's going on here'????? Well, isn't it???? No Tyler didn't get "a little upset"...his big meanie brother (who is usually the mild mannered one), somehow slammed his elbow into his door handle, resulting in a nice thick scab on his elbow! HELLO! I think Babysitter Brian is going to have to be fired! LOL It's kind of funny, me finding out about all of this today...we just had a "discussion" about him watching my kids, the night before last night. It started like this...."The other day when I was watching the boys, I noticed that Tyler went to the bathroom, and didn't wash his hands"...I say, "Did you tell him to get back in there and wash them?", his reply.."No!"...I tell him, "Honey, you have to enforce the same rules as I do!" "What good is it to let them get away with crap, while in your care?" I also said, "When I watch your kids, they have rules, and they know it!" "They know that I'm not gonna let them get away with murder!" "You are basically teaching mine that they can with you, and that's not good!"...his final reply..."You're right hun, I'm sorry!" I think I will print and frame this as proof of his not so perfectness. LOL

I also got an apology yesterday...wasn't as heartfelt as I would have liked, but I'll take it!

Well, off to try and get through some mail here. Have a great day!


Jennifer said...

Men!!!! They will never watch your kids 1/2 as well as you do.

TrueJerseyGirl said...

My husband does the same thing - he'll hear Princess crying and assumes she is fine! What is that about???

jlybn123 said...

I have no clue what goes on in their heads!!!! LOL

Tisane For One said...

I don't have kids yet but my hats off to those who even attempt to watch over them!
Oh, and glad to hear that you are feeling better.
Your trip sounds fantastic and just like what I need right now...wishful thinking :-)

Peanutt said...

You know its only 50 or 60% chance of rain this weekend. Today was suppose to be rainy and look its BEAUTIFUL! Maybe it'll move on out and it will be a nice weekend!!!
Yes, you would think crying is a sign of some kind of distress!! Good thing his arm didn't fall off! How bad Brian would have felt!

Catwoman said...

Hubby is actually very good with kids and watching them. Strange for someone who doesn't want kids. He's great at teaching them things and of course he cleans and cooks well, so he gets them to helping him. The last time we had to babysit, the mother left her kids with us during a category 4 hurricane saying she had to go 'work' at a bar on the beachside which I guarantee wasn't going to be open with a hurricane coming through. She just wanted to go spend the night with her new boyfriend and not deal with her kids. Argh.. Still I guess the kids were safer with us at that point and they slept right through the storm, thankfully.