Friday, April 01, 2005

Another day...

Yesterday was pretty good...worked and then ran home to clean up a bit, went and did a little shopping and then to see my dad. He was in good spirits (though a little grumbly, from having to go to the hospital). He says we stressed him out, making him go there and have his lung drained, said "they only took out about a liter of fluid". (Like that isn't much at Even with his grumbling you can see that he was feeling better after, that's for sure.

Today my sister is really considering going to get him a kitten. Figures it will be something to keep him occupied, and won't be too much maintenance. Our only fear is that it might want to play with his oxygen cord...kittens will be kittens. I told her if it doesn't work out...maybe I would take it. Will have to wait and see what happens on that one. I think it's a great idea. A little pet therapy! lol

This weekend hopefully will be nice and not too eventful...looking forward to getting some things accomplished around the house and having a little bit of peace before my kids come back on Sunday night. Miss them bunches and can't wait to see them!!


Peanutt said...

Hey, if your in the market for a kitten......I have a full grown cat you can have! Not just one, but 4!!!! Oh, where did I go wrong???? Anyhow, I'm glad Dad seems to be feeling better!!!!!! Talk to ya later, peach! LYLAS NTBG!!!!

Jennifer said...

Pets are always a great way to help heal. Go for it!