Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Here comes Mr. Jordan!

Well, the time has come...I've lost my dad! He passed away early last Thursday morning. My brothers, sisters, and I were all there holding his hands and telling him that it was all gonna be "okay"...even though we were all falling apart ourselves.

I got the call from my brother at 1 am...he woke me saying, "I think you should come, his breathing is really bad!" I got over there and we all took our turns being alone with him...telling him goodbye and how much we loved him. At 3:25 am he took his last breath and we all held ours. I've never actually been witness to anyone taking their last breath before...ugh, that was so hard.

The most amazing thing happened about an hour after he passed...
Even though dad wasn't really alert all that night, we knew he could hear whatever we were saying...he would respond by moving his eyebrows and mumbling to us...he would also grab for one of our hands, if we took it away for a minute. Since he could hear what was going on around us...we left his favorite channel on the tv all night...(the western channel). About an hour and 15 minutes after he passed away, my sister turned the tv station...was just channel surfing brother was in the room and said "wait a second...turn that back!" My sister turns the tv back a few channels and lo and behold they see something pretty incredible...they both start hollering for all of us to get in there...we all go flying in there to see what's on the tv ready for this???? On the screen, there was the title of a movie that had just was called..."Here Comes Mr. Jordan"....(my dad's name!)...we were all like "NO WAY!"...we then start reading what the movie is's about someone trying to take over the soul of a boxer that was deceased 50 years prior! None of us could believe it! I am not really one for believing in ghosts and stuff like that...but I think my dad was trying to tell us something there...that's too crazy!

So now, I'm back at work, and trying to resume my life, but I'm still pretty much in shock...I've already been to his funeral, and I still find it hard to believe. Isn't that wild? It's like one of my nieces at the funeral home, she kept saying..."I know that's him, but I don't believe it!" That's pretty much how I'm feeling. It just doesn't seem like it's possible, that he's really gone...almost like he might just be back in Tennessee for a while, and he'll be back once the weather breaks. Maybe it's just easier to think like that right now...I don't know.

I do know this...even though he was a man of very little words...the love I know he had for all of us, was quite apparent and he will be sorely missed by all of us. I will forever be grateful to have had 32 years to spend with him, don't feel like that's enough time but that's what I was given, and that's good enough I guess!!!

I LOVE YOU DADDY! (aka...Mr. =)*


Cy said...

Hey, hon. Glad you're remembering all the amusing things.

Need me, I'm around (as you know.)

Jennifer said...

I have a huge knot in my throat and tears in my eyes. I did some praying for you and your family. So sorry for your loss. It sounds like your dad left this life surrounded by love. .