Monday, June 26, 2006

Very icky! That describes how my sinuses are making me feel today. All day I have had horrible sinus pain and pressure, and even with meds, it just isn't helping. It usually rains when I feel this way, and it has. It usually goes away with Advil Cold & Sinus, and it hasn't. This isn't nice!

On to bigger and better topics...

The weekend was very busy, but it was very nice too! I had no time to relax and the days were virtually a blur, but I still had a good time all and all.

On Saturday, we did end up going to the lake. It was an adventure, for sure. It was my sister and niece's first time on the wave runners. Can we say hilarious???

I decided that I was taking my sister out first. My machine is a 1997, and a little topsy turvy to say the least. My sister is about double my weight. It was far from easy staying righted and my upper arms are still a little sore from compensating for the extra weight and trying to keep this thing right side up. I managed to get us around the lake without falling over, we pull up to shore to jump off, what does she do??? Instead of backing off of it, no...she decides that she will just jump off from the side. Well, she kind of takes the machine with her as she goes, and we both go falling into the water, the waverunner almost flipping completely over on top of us. I have never seen it do that!!! We were flailing and laughing, she was spewing water that she swallowed on the way down. I could have beat her! My niece, she was whining and moaning the entire day. She's very ungrateful! (Though she talked to my other sister yesterday, and told her that she had a blast!) She never once thanked us for taking her, she never acted like she was even enjoying herself. It was whining and complaining the whole day. 'It's hot, I'm baking'...etc. etc. Regardless of what a whiner she was, I still managed to have a good day!

Oh, I didn't tell you about the best part of the day! My sister decided that she was brave enough to drive, but of course, wanted me on back. OMG!!! This had to have been how my face looked for that ride! It sure isn't easy to give up control of a machine that big, to someone that doesn't know how to drive it...AT ALL! Brian suggested that we take his, it's bigger and easier to control. We climb on, she's asking a hundred questions, I'm explaining how to excel and how to stop, what to watch out for, who has the right of way, etc. She goes to take off and is doing about 13 miles per hour. At that speed, the waverunner likes to rock back and forth. I'm telling her to give it some gas, so that it won't shake so much, she floors it and scares the crap out of herself, so then she stops. This is how we rode around the entire lake. Sudden bursts of speed, and then her getting scared and stopping. Finally, when we get close to shore, she speeds up to almost 40mph and then we coast in. She claimed today, that she was scaring the shit out of herself while driving too. Nice! Put your sister's life in danger and don't even have the balls to tell me that she was afraid she was gonna kill us until 2 days after the fact! LOL

The weekend was non-stop from there, one thing after the other. I won't bore you with the details of all of that. What I will tell you about, is that I got my oldest son's report card Saturday, and was pleasantly surprised to see that he had straight A's for the second card marking in a row. I'm very proud of him for that. Even though he has been such a booger to me recently, he is still doing excellent in school and I'm so so grateful for that!

My puppy has still been having issues with more seizures and I don't think that the meds are going to ever control them. I just have a feeling that he is going to decline pretty quickly. I see him walking kind of funny, like his back legs just don't want to work all of the time and I just know in my heart that whatever is causing these seizures, isn't a good thing. I'm also very scared to add any more meds than what he is already taking, I've heard such horror stories about mixing meds and things like that. I guess I really need to do some research and see what I can find out on my own, before I just give up on that possibility. We shall see. All I know, is that it will truly break my children's little hearts, if something bad happens to their puppy! That will kill me as much as it does them! Ugh...

Well, that's about it. Hope everyone has had, or is having a great Monday! (Well, as great as a Monday can be!)

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