Friday, June 23, 2006

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Good morning everyone! Hope that your Friday has gotten off to a good start. Mine has been nice so far, (it's only 8:45). LOL I'm very glad that this week is coming to an end, it has seemed like an exceptionally long one. The weekend is totally booked already as well, but at least I can get up at a reasonable hour and I won't have to come into work. That's always a bonus.

As everyone has already noticed, I did change my layout. I've already gotten comments that it isn't showing up very well for some of you, and I'm sorry, but I really like it and spent lots of time on it yesterday. I'm giving it some time before getting rid of it!

We are planning on getting up around 8 tomorrow and heading out to the lake with my sister and niece. This should be fun, since neither my sister or niece have ever been on a waverunner before! At 6 tomorrow, we have plans to meet his family for a birthday dinner for his dad. (His dad and mine were born 4 days apart, same year and everything.) I've been racking my brain, trying to come up with something that we can get for him....not an easy task, when the man seems to have everything that he could possibly ever want or need! We are doing all that and then have a boat-trip meeting on Sunday evening. We go on this trip with 5 other couples and just found out that one of the couples dropped out. Should be fun, trying to come up with more people on such short notice.

The kids are alive and well, but the oldest is certainly giving me some grief. We had a knock down drag out last week that almost sent me over the edge. He lied to my face, and then had the nerve to tell me that I need to give him more respect! Oh, was I furious! What also really got me, was that he was lying to me, for his dad! Nothing like putting the knife in and turning it. His dad has changed jobs, he no longer works for $6 an hour anymore, and he doesn't want me to know it. I was trying to get in touch with him, so that instead of him coming and getting the boys at 4 last Friday, I would take them to the lake with us and then bring them to his house after. I couldn't get in touch with him and Corey wouldn't give me his work number. He said that he 'forgot' it. I could tell by looking at him, that he was flat out lying to me. Not to mention, that I just know better....Corey knows his dad's work number by heart! It was just a big fiasco. Now, he has been trying to make amends and things are pretty much back on track, but I still can't help but feel hurt knowing where his loyalty lies. It's pretty sad actually, considering all that I went through during the divorce, trying to protect and shield both the kids from all the heartache and grief that their dad was putting them through. But I do realize that my children will eventually see who had their best interest at heart. I'll just try and be patient and wait for that time to come.

Finally got the last of the parts for my pool last night. This has been no fun, at all. We started off at the pool store that is just 4 minutes or so from my house...they are useless. I'm considering calling there and lodging a complaint with a district manager or something. I've been to that store at least 4 times these past few weeks and have come out empty handed each and every time! They carry the pool filter that I have, but never have the parts in stock, and don't want to order them for us either. They tell us that it will take from 2-3 weeks to get them, and that we should probably check other stores before having them put the order in. We go right down the road, (about a 10 minute drive), where they don't even really sell my brand of filter, and they have the part sitting right there on the shelf and they are always very helpful with anything we ask about! Needless to say, I won't be going back to that other place, I refuse to give them any of my money or my business. So, I'm hoping that next week I will have my pool in order and we will be able to get a few weeks out of it, before the summer ends! LOL

Well, I hope ya'll have a great day and weekend!

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