Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Today would have been my dad's 72nd birthday! I certainly wish that I had the chance to talk to him, but that isn't in the cards for me. It's been a year and 2 months since he passed away and days like today, are certainly still a little tough.

Father's day wasn't very easy either. While I tried to keep myself busy all day, idle time still came eventually, and I was left feeling pretty upset. I know my sister is having a rough time as well, and I can relate to exactly what she's going through. Time does heal some, but it can't possibly make the emptiness go away completely. It's still a challenge sometimes!

Yesterday I went into my backyard and cut some roses to take to the cemetary. When I got there, I saw that my dad still didn't have any grass on his site and my mom's stone that I got for her, was broken right in half. I then went to pour some water into a vase that is in-between their two head stones and all the water poured right back out. I was none too happy, but it was nice to visit them.

I tried to post a letter to him and Blogger ate my post! Do I have great luck, or what? I also tried to get a pic of him in there and that didn't work either! I give up.

So anyhow, this goes out to my dad...


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