Thursday, November 03, 2005


Hi everyone, and hope that this finds you all well. I think I am definitely getting back into my blogging routine now. Things at work are mellowing a bit, and although we still have our "bad" days...we are getting into our groove a bit more.

Now don't get me wrong, doc's are still having little temper tantrums on a daily basis and people (patient's) are still rude as ever, but screw 'em! LOL We are just trying to do our thing and go home...nothing more, nothing less.

Things at home, are the usual daily chaos but it could be worse. Kids are kids and they make mistakes. Here's just a small taste...yesterday, I'm sitting down to eat dinner and decide I will open my mail, bad move. The only bill in there was for the home phone, no big deal, it should be about $30. Yeah right!!! I open it and see under current charges....$250! I'm thinking to myself, "there is no friggin way!". I turn it over, to look at the long distance charges...there it is, in black and white....7 calls to Canada, made by my dear son. One of them was for 81 minutes and cost about $150! Oh yes, I was fuming! I maintained and didn't yell or scream, like I really wanted to...but oh, was I furious! Brian and I went downstairs and discussed it for a just blew me away. Wasn't prepared for it, at all.

When I finally came back up, his brother says to me, "well mom, Corey says he knows it's no birthday and christmas presents for him for a while!" Of course, being the smart kids that they are...they are always pulling the, "make mom feel guilty", card! So, this spurred a long convo with Corey. I asked Corey how he thought he would feel, had the circumstances been reversed??? He replied that he would probably be really angry. I told him that it was also a little stressful in that, there are many other things I could spend $250 on! Yikes! Life goes on!

Today, I should have a chance to get to each and every blog on my sidebar, we have no patient's here at work and it's downright boring already. So, I think that is what I'm going to do right now.

First, I'm going to try and include a picture of the sunrise from this morning. Let's see if this works.

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