Wednesday, November 16, 2005

~~Kids, the blues and recent happenings.~~

Well, Tyler made it back from camp last week. He had a great time and when asked if he was good while there replied, "not the best, but I wasn't too bad either!" LOL I was almost afraid to inquire about why he wasn't the best but, I'm a mom and it's my job, I asked anyhow. He said that he just got a "little wild", from time to time, "that was all!" I can deal with that, the kid does have ADHD and isn't on any meds for it! He also informed me very gently, that he didn't want to hurt my feelings, but that he really didn't wanna come home. Said that he was just having so much fun and that he really missed me, but he still wanted to stay. LOL Gotta love him for being so sweet and honest all at the same time!

~~Funky feeling!~~

Don't know if it's just a matter of the time change, coupled with the fact that winter is fast approaching, but I've been in a funk. I'm cranky and crabby, don't feel much like dealing with anyone and just want to sleep, sleep, sleep. This past weekend, I had Friday off and actually took 3 naps throughout the day. WTH is up with that? Brian has been sick and joined me for each one of them, (which is very unlike him to nap once in a day, let alone 3 times) but this cold has certainly taken the wind right out of his sails.

Friday night, we finally managed to get ourselves out of bed and get ready for the Wing's game. The trip there was smooth, even with massive construction and to top it off, we got great parking. The seats were a different story. LOL While we could certainly see great from the upper bowl...and I'm talking the UPPER BOWL, the walk to our seats was brutal and left our legs burning from the exertion. While at the game, we really had a good time and the Wings won, of course.

Saturday was another lazy day, we didn't do anything to speak of. Until that evening, when we went to that Hold Em tourney at our friends house. The tourney was fun, the company good (though Bri and I weren't getting along too well), the food was also very good. All in all, it was nice.

Sunday, I got up and met my sister and my niece for some shopping. Didn't stay out too long, had too much to do at home. When I went back home, I got through a bunch of laundry and then just chilled for the rest of the day. It was the most lazy weekend I've had in a long long time. I kind of liked it, but then felt guilty at the same time, for not being more productive! Ugh!

I also forgot my son's parent teacher conference yesterday, isn't that nice? Turns out, his dad didn't forget and raised a big ol' stink about something going on between my son and a neighbors little girl. From the sounds of it, it was more a misunderstanding than anything. Nothing to go all ape shit about, but that's just the way he is. Ugh. Glad he's a part of my past and not my future.

Just found out too, that one of my sons best friends' mother passed away this morning. It's a total shock, as I just talked to her yesterday and even saw her the week before when I went to pick Ty up from camp. It just blows me away that this has even happened. It's really hard to even contemplate what might have transpired from yesterday afternoon when I talked to her, to this morning. My son isn't usually one to be too emotional either, not that he isn't loving, but he's not the touchy feely type at all either. When he calls me at work in tears, I know something really bad has happened. I think that this has hit home as I went home to have lunch with him and he already had everything set up. I wish I had taken was great. He had bologna sandwiches, with shredded cheese for each of us, they were adorned with cheez-its in the shape of smiley faces, napkins, pillows on the floor, and he even got me some juice. It had to be one of the sweetest things he's ever done. Awww!! Yes, it is one of those mommy moments when you know everything you've ever done and every bad moment you've ever had, has all been worth it, for something like this. As a reward, I made him a strawberry, banana smoothie before coming back to work. He loves me! Awww!!!

When I get home, will have to call and find out what arrangements have been made for Nate's mom and might go up to the bowling alley to watch Bri for a while.

Bon Jovi is also tomorrow...that should be fun. Will let you know!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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