Monday, November 28, 2005


Here is my second attempt at this post...yes, frustration is starting to take hold here. It is teaching me a lesson though...SAVE EVERY 5 SECONDS! lol Back to the issue at hand...

Hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! =) I was without my boys, which kinda sucked, but Bri and I still had a nice day. My family usually gets together for the holiday, but it just didn't happen this year, with everyone kind of going their separate ways. We ended up going to Bri's sisters for the day. It's about an hour drive and the roads weren't great, once we got near her house, but it was worth it. I've tried uploading some pics (twice today already) and am not getting any cooperation so far. Trying again!

Viola, above is a view of the table before our feast! The day was very relaxing...we feasted and then played some Hold 'Em and proceeded to feast some more. What could be better than that?

Here are some before and after's of "the turkey". They raised six in all this year...and one just happened to be our dinner. (Kinda made me feel bad, but at least I know it was a well fed turkey that I ate!)

The blur in this pic was Bri's bil Chris, who was very slowly inching his way out of view. I tried several times to get him next to his bird, to no avail!

Here is Brian and I, caught totally off guard by his sister who had no idea how to work our camera. I was mid sentence, trying to tell her what button to push...I don't know what he was doing. I just know, if you ever have any pics you need taken...don't let MaryLou take them for you! (And she thought this was a good one!) lmao

And last but not are 2 pics taken last week at his parents house. This is Max showing his love and adoration for Bri's dad....

Yes, I'm making an appointment to have him fixed...ASAP! lol But this is him think he liked????

Have a great week everyone!

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