Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Just 2 days until the children go back to school and start resuming a normal life once again. I KNOW that it is time, as the youngest informed me that he already beat an entire game! (One that he just got for Christmas). He has been like this for a long time now, and really takes the fun out of giving him any games, because he masters them so astutely, within an inhuman amount of time. It's ridiculous how quickly he flies through all of the levels. (And here I was proud of myself, for getting further on Pac Man World 2, than him.) Yeah, that's only because he's been concentrating on one game and now I've challenged him into playing MY game...the one game in their arsenal, that I really like. You know what's going to happen here, don't you? This will require that I keep going back for more, becoming an addict just like him, just to stay ahead of the game. A vicious cycle it is...LOL


It's funny how quickly the days fly by, when you don't have to work! How does that happen? The usual work week can feel like eons and yet, take a few days off, and they rush by in a blur.

I didn't do much on my time off, did a lot of chillin' with the boys. We did manage to get out there and see the movie King Kong. Word to the wise, DO NOT TAKE CHILDREN TO SEE THIS MOVIE! The first hour, I could hardly keep my eyes open...the next 2 hours, barely held my attention. My children were bored to tears and asking what time it was, at least a million times. Tyler no longer refers to the movie as King Kong, it's now, "the longest movie EVAH". LOL

Other than that, we honestly didn't do a heck of a lot. Shopped a few days, watched movies, went to the arcade. Nothing too spectacular. I did manage to scrub the house from top to bottom. Though, I truly procrastinated doing that for almost the entire vacation! LOL What a loser I am! But sometimes, it truly feels good to lounge around in your jammies until YOU FEEL like getting up and showered, instead of HAVING to do it. Honestly, one of the things that I enjoy most about vacations is getting away from the mundane day-to-day routines, that you have no choice but to do while working. For me, that in itself, just does my body good.


As is with a great deal of us, one of my resolutions is to lose a little bit of weight and start a workout routine. (Wasn't I just talking about routines??? LOL) Not a whole lot, maybe 8 pounds or so. I'm hoping that will be enough to make a big difference.

Yesterday's food intake; coffee, bagel, cottage cheese, yogurt, small piece of spinach pie, and an apple (with a few walnuts and touch of vinaigrette dressing). While I don't want to deprive myself too much, I definitely want to get back into healthy eating habits again! Another thing I'm very bad about is my water intake, and I'd like to try and start drinking more water again. We'll see how long this lasts!

I actually just did a weigh in and so far, I've lost 1 3/4 lbs. Like I said, we'll see how long it lasts! Wish me luck!

That's about it for now...nothing much going on upstairs at the moment! Have a great day everyone! (Okay, my 3-4 readers!) LOL

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