Friday, January 27, 2006

Did some quizzes today, here are the results...

You Should Get an Abstract Tattoo
Artistic and uniqueYou're the most likely type to personally design your tattoo
What Tattoo Should You Get?

Another one....

The PJ's You Are Most Like: Comfortable PJ's

You're a bit conservative, traditional, and tend to follow conventions
You have an understated, easy sexyness that men love
People instantly find comfort in you, and you're a "best friend" to many.

How blonde?

You Are a Strawberry Blonde

Men see you as flirtatious, but they also see you as a challenge
Because you're totally fearless and carefree
You've got the lightheartedness of a blonde, with the attitude of a redhead

Is he hooked they ask?

You Have Him Totally Hooked

Your guy is all yours - and happily so.
He loves being around you, and he totally sees you as a couple.
It looks like you two have a great future together - if you want it!

Well, I think that's all I'm gonna do, for now! Have a great Friday!

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