Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I'm very excited because this is one, I actually get to participate in! For those of you that don't know, this game is brought to you by Mama Duck, and if you choose to play, you should let her know that you have. This week's theme, is pictures of you with pets!

While, I don't have anything from long ago, (hence the reason I can't usually participate--my ex husband actually took ALL of my pics from my past!), I can show you the one pic I have of my dog, without me in it!

Her name is Tamika, she was a siberian husky and the most lovable dog I've ever had or even known! She was ALWAYS gentle with the kids and just loved everyone, up until the last days of her life. Unfortunately, I had to put her to sleep just this past March, but there is certainly no forgetting her or what a great dog she was.

Next, is my newest edition Max. Most of you have already seen pics of him. I got him in April of this year. Was kind of looking for a dog, but not really truly looking at that point. He more or less fell into our laps and we all just adore him. He is a puppy still, and has his moments...but he's so cute, you just can't stay mad at him for long.

First one is how he looked up until yesterday, when we shaved him. (And yes, I was having a bad hair day, so what!) LOL

The next one was taken tonight, did the best I could trying to hold a puppy and take a pic in the mirror! LOL But this is Max sporting his new do! Took some getting used to, but I really love it now!!!

Well, that's it for me! It's time to catch some zzzz's!!! Have a great night and sweet dreams! =)~~

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