Saturday, April 07, 2007

Good feelin...

It doesn't get any better than just chillin' out after a day of utter chaos! I'm so very tired right now, and know that if I laid down, I would just be done...out like a light. But I really don't feel like doing that. Just wanna be alone with my thoughts, for the moment.

The past few weeks have been a blur....with a sewer backup and my youngest having some major issues. It hasn't been pleasant, but I truly believe that the worst of it is over.
Seems that there is a select bunch, eight (to be exact), that are picking on my son at school. They have made him so miserable that he's been spending his lunches sulking in rooms by himself and pretty much not communicating with anyone. He just totally shut down. Several times, I've almost wished that he would have just knocked their blocks off, to let them know that he's not just gonna sit around and take it...that he's actually had enough! (Now I know that you all might be thinking...'wth is that loser mom saying'...but I just can't help it. Ty shouldn't be the one getting in trouble/being totally sad over this.)

We finally got a few of the teachers, principal, Tyler and myself all together to come up with a school/behavior plan. Hopefully this will serve to meet all of our needs and he can resume just being a kid and being happy when going to school!! Without getting sad or mad!

I am all set for Easter and am so glad that I decided to go to Peanutt's house to color eggs last night, instead of waiting until today. Since the kids no longer believe in such a thing as the Easter Bunny...I let them make their own basket this time around. They also made one for Bri's kids. They did a really great job. If my camera worked correctly, and I could actually dump my pics on here...I'd share! But I guess you will just have to take my word for it.

Off to my sister's tomorrow for dinner! I went and made the potatoes today, so that all she'll have to do is put them in the oven in the morning! I still have devilled eggs and banana pudding to make, but that won't be nothing, to finish up in the morning.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, whatever you might be up to! Hope the Easter Bunny brings many wonderful delights!!!

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Wethyb said...

I hope you got things settled with your son and school. That is such shit when kids do that. They can be so stinkin' mean! I was picked on a lot in school too, so I can totally relate to what he's going though. I know it's no fun.