Friday, March 02, 2007


Haven't had a whole lot of things to really write about, but thought I would give a shout out anyhow. Here's the latest....

* My niece just had a bouncing baby girl...Isabelle. She weighed in at 8 lbs. 3 oz. and almost 20 inches. I haven't had the chance to go see her yet, but I did listen to her cooing, while on the phone with her momma. Can't wait to see her!!!! Gonna try and make my way to the hospital after work.

* Brian just turned in his truck, his lease was up. Lucky for him, he had another vehicle, so he didn't have to lease or buy anything...but we are now finding out, that he probably should have. We took it to our friend/mechanic for some 'simple' repairs...fixing a latch on the back door, the cruise control, getting the a/c running, etc. We are now looking at almost $4,000 in repairs. He has replaced almost everything except the engine and transmission. All of Bri's overtime hours (which has been about 40-60 per week) are now going to the mechanic. Sucks.

* My best friend's dad has just been diagnosed with bladder ca and has started his chemo. On the bright side, this is day 3 and he's doing great with absolutely no symptoms. I hope and pray that it continues to go this well.

* My kids are with their dad this weekend...I have some alone time with Brian to look forward to. Oh wait, that's right, he works continuously....and yep, there are 4 water main breaks going right at this moment (Friday 5pm)...if he stays to work them....I won't be seeing him until tomorrow morning or afternoon. LOL Never fails.

Well, that's about it. I'm getting ready to leave work and head home to the boys. I'm sure it will be a peacful and uneventful evening. Everyone send a prayer Peanutt's way for her daddy and have a wonderful weekend!


Philip said...

Awww, well at least you *could* see him right now . . . that's something, right?

TrueJerseyGirl said...

Sounds like things are crazy in your neck of the woods!

Liza said...

I miss you and I love you!!!!!

Wethyb said...

Hey there! Sorry I'm a week late :)

Hope all's going well on your side of the state!

Carmi said...

Sometimes I wonder why life has to be as challenging as it is. Then I realize that the difficult times are supposed to make us appreciate all the goodness around us.

Or something like that. Either way, you're blessed, and it's a joy to read about the coolness that is your life.