Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Not a whole heck of a lot going on here, but I thought I would check in, regardless. The kids are on winter break and I think they are enjoying the time off. I know that momma is...because it means that I can sleep for an extra 1/2 hour, every morning. That's definitely a good thing.

Brian has been pretty much missing in action. He has been working up to 110 hours a week with all the water main breaks that have been popping up around here. I really miss spending time with him. At this point, it pretty much feels like a luxury, when we actually get to do something so mundane as eat dinner together, or run to the store...silly I know, but I'm stinkin' lonely. I can say that we have been getting along pretty well though. LOL

Work is the usual. Nothing too exciting, at all. Just putting in my time and going home and forgetting about it at the end of the day. People are extraordinarily rude lately, but whatever! I'm used to being treated like a dog! LOL

Well, I really think that's about it. Gonna shop for a while and then maybe get around to some of your sites!

Have a good day!

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Wethyb said...

Nothing going on over on the Westside of the state either. Same shit different day. Hope you and your man get to spend more time together soon!