Thursday, August 10, 2006


I don't know how it slipped my mind, but while recounting everything that was happening while on vaca, I forgot to mention our brown snake sighting. Talk about scary.

One day while on the lake, Brian and I take off to beach the skis and check out what's on the other side. There was a sandy area, where no houses were on either side for a ways, so we decided to go there. We were walking around; pondering over how large the deer probably were cuz of the tracks we were seeing, checking out the shells and marveling over how large the sandbar was. When all of the sudden Brian says to me, "Oh my gosh, I'm in pain!" I was a little scared for a second, until it dawned on me...earlier in the day, he had told me that he hadn't been to the bathroom in days and that he was really starting to feel its effects. I ask if he can make it back across the lake to the cabin, he says that he can't. Great! I start looking around the beach and see this huge log and tell him that he can go perch there. He walks over, sees that it's literally covered in carpenter ants, and decides to come up with another plan. He tells me to start walking the other way, which I do. I really want no part of any of this and didn't even really care how he was gonna take care of business, I was really grossed out!

So, I'm walking along the shore for a while and decide that I'm gonna take a peek at what he is up to. When I turn around, I am appalled to see that he is perched on the ledge of the back of MY MACHINE! I start screaming..."get off of my machine!" I could see, even from a distance, he's cracking up. He says, "this is perfect!" So yes, I'm standing there watching the man I love and adore, pooping in the lake. Just the vision, makes me shudder! So, I turn around and keep walking, still with nightmarish visions of him putting his bare hiney on MY MACHINE, and a few minutes later I hear him calling my name and saying something about a snake. I turn around and he's motioning me over, so I start running through the water over to him. I get about 5-6 feet from the scene and he's standing there with a huge satisfied grin. I ask what he was saying about the snake and he turns, right arm extended outward and says..."look". I turn to look (like a dumb ass), and see something floating on top of the water. I was freaked out that a snake was swimming around in the same water that we had been playing around in for days, and then it hits me..that's no snake, that's his poop! OMG! How gross is that? Not only do I know that he was using my machine as a perch for his butt, but I get to see the end results too?

I really don't think that I want our relationship to be this close!

Ok that's it for now, but I have another up north funny for tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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