Tuesday, July 11, 2006


As is the trend for the summer I guess, the craziness has pretty much been relentless. I did take Tuesday through Friday off last week and had lots of fun! But at the same time, it's really catching up with me too. Going back to work Monday, I kind of felt like I needed more time off, just to chill a little bit.

On Tuesday the 4th, the kids and I went with my sister and a few other friends to the wave pool. It wasn't the prettiest day, but very very hot. We then met Brian and his family for a pool party.
Corey ended up getting really burnt. Ugh, talk about feeling like the worstest mommy in the world!

Wednesday, we took all the kids, (meaning mine and his twins) to the zoo. It was a perfect day for it, about 74 and sunny. I don't know how we did it, but we ended up missing a few of my favorite exhibits, (the polar bears, and the aquarium), and by the time we realized it, we were almost to the exit and we were just too tired to turn back.

Thursday, we all packed up and went to the lake. We laid in the sun and did some waverunning and took the kids tubing for the first time. They had a blast and absolutely loved the tube.

On Friday, Brian took his kids home and mine went with their dad for the night. I can't even remember what we did that day, but we did go to the Taylor Fireworks that night. Afterwards, he had to take his mom and niece to their condo 8 tenths of a mile from my house....took him almost an hour! Traffic was terrible and lots of streets were closed. While I love the festival and fireworks, the traffic is chaos. When he got back, we attempted to make our way to Meijer for some electrical tape...let's just say, even after midnight, it just wasn't happening! They still had way too many roads blocked off and there was just no way of getting there, ugh!

Saturday, we headed to the lake with 2 of his sisters. We went waverunning again, had a picnic lunch and also all tried our hands at tubing. His sister got thrown off backwards, almost immediately. She wasn't hurt at all, and it was hilarious. She's very tall, and to see her long lanky legs fly straight up in the air was definitely a sight to see! When I took Brian out, he actually got the choppiest water of the day...it was like a wavepool and it beat him up good. His sister Cindy rode without incident. Now, I've saved the best for last...my ride. At first he was really gentle with me...then I guess he decided that I could take a little more! Yikes! He started going pretty fast at one point and then took a turn a little too tightly...at first, my body flew off of the tube and then as it came back down, the tube starting flipping...I didn't see this coming at all, and it took a minute to orient myself...all I kept thinking was, 'just hang on'. The tube did flip completely over, all of the sudden I was taking water in my lungs, I felt my bathing suit bottoms slipping down into the water, and I was still holding on to those damn straps. It finally dawned on me that if I let go, I would be able to get a hold of my bathing suit and would pop back up out of the water and be able to breathe again. After gasping for air and yanking up my bathing suit, the first thought in my head was, "ouch!" My right thigh and the bottoms of my legs felt like I had run into a brick wall! After getting back on the tube, he drove me into shore and I didn't dare ask for another ride. I think I might be done tubing for a while. Waking up with new bruises every day for a week, really doesn't do much for me! LOL

Sunday I must admit, was somewhat relaxing. Brian and I went out to lunch (all alone), and to see the movie RV (all alone too). We came home and watched another movie and just cuddled and spent the day chilling out. It was one of the best days I can remember in a long time.

So yes, vacation (except for one day), wasn't all that relaxing and I'm tired as hell but I admit, I did have some fun!

I'm packing Corey for a week up north with the scouts, he's leaving on Saturday. The day he comes back, we are leaving to go to a cabin in the Upper Peninsula for a week. There are supposed to be many people going (plus our 4 kids), I don't know how relaxing this will be, but I'm gonna try and make the best of it and make it a point to have at least a few, "do nothing" kinda days.

Might try and post a little next week, not sure. Until then, have a great weekend and hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


Edit: Okay, for anyone who saw that there was typing below my closing line before...please forget you saw that...I'm having lots of blonde moments lately! LOL

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