Monday, July 17, 2006


It’s been a fairly busy and productive day here at work. It hasn’t been too bad, crabby people wise (though there have been a few of those too). Lunch was great…Jet's Greek Salad. (Peanutt and I are so addicted). So, why am I sitting here feeling kinda sappy and blue all the sudden??? I got pretty good sleep last night, my man and I are doing just fine, I’m down one kid all week (the other is at camp), my pool is finally up and running, and I have the urge to sit here and bawl! Isn’t that always nice? I so love being a woman!!!!

Things have been really hectic for weeks now; I think I’m getting quite burned out from it all. Maybe that is what’s making me feel kinda blue. I miss my weekends where I could just hang out for one of the 2 days and watch movies or nap and just watch Lifetime girlie movies all day. I miss just having some down time before going to bed every night. Now, things are so busy that I fall into bed, only after doing a million things that just ‘have’ to be done!

Tonight (and all week), Brian is working late and I am changing my pace. I promised Ty that we would go swimming as soon as I get home from work. It’s smoking hot out and he is so excited, he is literally counting the minutes. I’m talking to him as I type this and he just sounds miserable. Says that 2 hours is way too long to wait for me to get home! LOL I do have laundry and packing to do, we’re leaving this weekend for a week, but you know what???? Do ya??? All of that crap will eventually get done and I’m just finished worrying about it!

So hopefully after relaxing tonight, I will be in great spirits tomorrow! Cross your fingers for me!~


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