Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I finally broke down and made the switch from dial-up! I love my modem! LOL Thank goodness that dial-up is gone forever. It was extremely frustrating trying to blog, download pictures or just read e-mail from home. In order to post a pic on this, I would have to start it and literally just walk away and do something else. There was no way that I could go on to something else online, that would just hold up the process even more. Grrrr! Not to mention, when someone would try calling the home phone and it would slow it down even more or just boot me off. How did I live with dial-up for all this time???Another great thing about all of this, is that I have bundled the internet, phone and cable into one nice neat little bill for the month. I have 12 windows up right now and am still moving with the speed of a just doesn't get any better than this!


Yep, I made the decision to put my dog on seizure meds. He started having them around Thanksgiving and they only seem to be progressing in severity each time. It was really something that I wanted to avoid, but after seeing this last one from start to finish, there was no other option. What scared me most about the meds were 1) the vet said that once we start, he takes them forever and 2) some people were scaring the crap out of me about it.

I've been talking to other dog owners and some say that it's probably the best thing to do, while others, claim that their dog was "never the same again", or that they felt "she would still be with us today, if we hadn't done it!" That's scary shit! I'll tell you what though, looking into his eyes while he was posturing and shaking and half paralyzed, was something that I really don't wanna have to go through again! He's taking the meds and I will just pray that he does fine!


I'm really not one to get too into the celebration of Valentine's Day, anymore. It really is just another day to me. Yes, I feel that you should tell those that you love, just how much you love them. But honestly, I do that every single day. I think that is one of the most important lessons that I have learned from the loss of my parents. You just never know what is meant to happen and shouldn't take your loved ones for granted. Evah! So, here are some random pics of a few of my fav people.....

This first has to be one of my favorite pics of the boys. It was taken last spring, with me telling them to pretend that they like each other. They really pulled it off, it almost resembles two children who might not fight like cats and dogs 24/7! LOL

Posting this one of Brian might piss him off a bit but I really like it and this is my space, so bummer. It's just one of him first thing on Christmas morning. His hair is messy and he's in his pj's, hence the reason for him possibly getting pissed off at me. Sowwy hun!

This last one, is Peanutt @

She has been there through thick and thin for almost 27 years now and it goes without saying just how much I love her.

So there you have it, those are my most loved and cherished peeps!

Have a great day everyone...and don't forget to say, "I love you", even though today is just another day!

Love you all!!!!!!

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