Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fits me like a glove...


Now with that title, many of you might think that I might be showing some pics of me scantily clad in a tight pair of jeans, or maybe some hot nightie. But sorry folks, that isn't something that I would share here, and isn't at all what I'm referring to.

What I'm talking about, is the man that I love. Sure, we've all thought that we've met Mr. Right, probably a time or two. (Some more, some less.) But I honestly think that I have nailed it this time around. We don't get along perfectly, in fact, we fight like cats and dogs sometimes. Arguments may turn into harsh words, days of not speaking to each other, wondering if this could even be the end, but then one of us relents and we make up because we just can't stand it anymore!

He certainly has his faults (as all of us do), but those are easily overlooked, due to the numerous ways that he makes me feel more loved than I ever have felt before. While going through my divorce, I honestly didn't think that I would even want something serious with anyone, EVER! He instantly changed that feeling for me. While being at my lowest point, he brought me to highs that I never thought were even possible. Two years later, I still can't get enough of this man. I think he is funny, wildly sexy and that he just fits me like a glove. Looking into the future, I can't see a day without him and I hope that's exactly how it stays.

So, there you have it. The thing that fits me like a glove, is Brian. Sweetie, you are my sunshine and the love of my life! Don't you ever go doubting that even for a minute! I love you hun!

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