Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bad blogger, job interview, and organizing my life.

Okay, so I know that I have to be one of the worst bloggers...evah!!! I've been disappearing for months on end...I lurk more than actually comment anymore, when I do actually take the time to comment, it's random...etc etc. But cut me some slack. I just haven't had anything all that interesting to write about, and at work, I was kind of getting addicted to MSNBC's peculiar news listings. Anyhow, I'm not gonna promise that I'm going to be sitting in front of my computer to blog every single night of the week...but I am gonna try and maybe be a little bit better about it.

Tomorrow at 1 p.m. I have a job interview. (Enter scary music here)...I haven't had an interview in 16 years, this is pretty nerve-racking! I'm not quitting my full-time job, but just trying to pick up some part-time hours in the evenings, at home. This way, I won't have to "leave" my kids any more than I already have to, and I really can use the extra cash!! Don't know if this is going to be my cup of tea...doing transcription, but I am certainly willing to give it a try, if given the opportunity.

Now onto the organization part. There was a time in my life, even after kids, when anybody could have walked into my house, (at any given time), and I would not have been the least bit embarassed about having you there spur of the moment like that. Well, my friends, that time is gone! I have become such a slacker when it comes to the way my house looks, that I would probably die if someone that wasn't related to me showed up here. Not that it's disgustingly filthy, or you would be afraid to sit down on my couch...but you will find the occasional dust bunny rolling over my desk, you will find that my kitchen table has crumbs on it, and don't walk into the basement...cuz it's just full of crap that really has no business even being there.

Well, I'm doing my best to try and revert back to my old ways. This week, I've been coming home and trying to accomplish at least one small task, clean a drawer here...rearrange stuff there...etc. In the next few weeks I would like to;

1) clean the basement, including the separate bedroom down there.
2) start moving my son downstairs
3) convert his room into an office
4) finish painting my bathroom (that's been half done for over a year)

Hopefully, I will be able to accomplish at least a majority of all of this stuff! We shall see.

Cross your fingers that tomorrow goes well for me!!!

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Wethyb said...

Hey stranger! Good luck on the interview! I hate interviews so I don't envy you :)

The organizing sounds like big fun.....I'm good at it and would help if I could :)