Thursday, July 08, 2010


I often think that I was ripped off by being made a female. And no, not because I'm gay or feel that I shoulda been of the male gender, but just because even I believe that us females are complicated as hell!!! Tell me why we have to be so complex? Why do we have to ALWAYS overthink things and just worry in general about every little thing? Why can we NOT sit down to relax without our house being spotless? Why can we not roll into bed and just shut off our brains like men always do? Why do we lie there thinking about the bills, the laundry that didn't get finished, and 12 million other useless things that really don't even deserve to be fretted about??? Why do we get emotional and wanna cry when we see something on TV that a man would laugh at? Tonight, I was watching Hell's Kitchen of all things and when Gordon Ramsey met the contestant he just kicked off the show at her cab and told her he was proud of her and she started crying...oh yeah, I was right there with her!!! WTF??? It's Hell's Kitchen...I thought to myself..."are you serious, you are crying over that?" This is the shit I'm talking about! While I know that we have a nurturing side for a reason....the extent of this hormonal, blubbering, worrying side of us just sucks ass sometimes! LOL If only we could remove our heads when we needed a break from our crying emotional selves...this woman thing might be a whole lot easier!!

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