Thursday, September 14, 2006

Still walking the line!

Well, I reported that the kids would probably fall off the wagon soon, but they haven't. Things with them, have been relatively calm. They have been doing their chores without question and getting along pretty well. I haven't heard them bickering and fighting, nor have they been doing any yelling and screaming, which has been a great thing. Now that I'm putting all of this in writing, it's sure to backfire on me...but hey, I'll take my chances!

I want so badly to believe that something good has actually come out of this and hopefully, them working together instead of butting heads and trying to get each other in trouble all the time, is all part of the past! (No, I'm not counting on it! Do you think I'm that stupid?)

My sister still isn't really speaking to me, but I'm working at not letting that get to me too much. This too shall pass, I believe!

Otherwise, things are okay...could be better, could be worse!!! I'm possibly looking at a little foot surgery in the near future and the countdown to Vegas trip 2006 is commencing (soon)! It was definitely a struggle to try and find someone to keep my kids for me...but after a small amount of bribing, Bri's sister has agreed! Woo hoo. I'm still not getting my hopes up too high about actually going because you just never know, and I'm my life, I can usually always count on the most whacked shit happening, so I won't actually start the countdown now, but will wait until the week before! That might be a little safer.

Well kids, that's about it for me...this is Jellybean signing off! Have a great night!

And P.S. Happy belated birthday to my good friend Liza!! Love you bunches and hope you had a wonderful day!!!! (oh, and miss little bugger!)


Wethyb said...

So glad the boys are being good *knock on wood*. Your sister will get over it.

The Kept Woman said...

I had to go back and reread the post below a few times...when you started describing their destruction at your house I thought you were talking about dogs at first (the cupboard door, railing, etc.). Holy smokes, yes, glad to hear things are going better.

Warm wishes to your brother...